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Elliot Wren Releases ‘Good Luck’ – Putting Your Own Happiness First

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Boston-based singer-songwriter Elliot Wren releases pop-infused ‘Good Luck’, which narrates leaving an abusive relationship.

Who is Elliot Wren?

Elliot Wren is a non-binary singer-songwriter from the Boston area. They have been writing since they were nine years old, and their biggest influences are Taylor Swift, Colbie Callait, Avril Lavigne, Melanie Martinez, Miley Cyrus & Alexi Blue.

Now 18 years old, Elliot has already established themselves as a respected independent artist in Boston. They frequently perform with other local artists and organising singer-songwiter events.

Elliot released their first single ‘RIP My Diary’ in 2019. The track was met with overwhelmingly positive praise by multiple publications for its raw emotion and expressive sound.

Their biggest goal is to prove to LGBTQ+ artists, artists with disabilities and other artists who face discrimination and hardship in day to day life that anyone can pursue music as a profession and find happiness in whatever they do. Consequently, one of Elliot’s personal goals is to perform at Boston Pride.

Currently working with BKY Music’s award-winning producer Brad Young, Elliot Wren has their sights set on an album release in early 2021.

‘Good Luck’

‘Good Luck’ narrates a moment of severe emotional upheaval in Elliot’s life. After just moving back home to escape an abusive relationship, they wrote the song to try and grapple with their emotions.

The song is about the get-out-quick mentality that I needed in order to save myself. What I really want people to take away from listening to this song is a sense of empowerment. You can leave if you are not comfortable in a relationship, be it platonic or romantic.’

‘You should always give yourself permission to put your safety and happiness first.’

Recorded at BKY Music with producer Brad Young, Elliot was keen to experiment with a new sound. The resulting track is reminiscent of early Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift, fusing elements of pop, pop-punk, and even a dash of country.

Empowering, engaging, and deeply personal, Elliot is very emotionally mature in their lyrical style. With so much talent to offer, Elliot Wren is bound to only go from strength to strength as they develop their sound.

‘Good Luck’ will be released on the 21st August.

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