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Naheli ‘Waves’ Is An Invitation To Escape From Reality

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German songbird Naheli released her spacious single ‘Waves’ on the 3rd of March, so is now at your fingertips to dive into & stream.

You may also recognise Naheli’s name if you’ve read our previous blog post about the musicians on the Artist Development roster. Naheli is one of them!

Behind Naheli’s ‘Waves’: Inspired By Fear Of The Unknown

‘Waves’, the tranquil ballad by Naheli, is an invitation to escape reality. It moves anyone that’s listening on a deeper, emotional level at the same time.

Sparked by the fear of losing something while having no rein over the outcome, Naheli’s inspiration for ‘Waves’ stemmed from circumstantial anxiety & a sense of hopelessness. ‘Waves’ gives a voice to the feeling of being engulfed by the unknown.

Naheli entwines her contemporary style with mystical vibes, creating a sound for ‘Waves’ that possesses an exotic familiarity. This is testament to her roots & ethos as an artist.

“Tragedy and sadness, even happiness and laughter, have no mother tongue. I try to explore and emphasise this idea in a lot of my songs.”

Woman standing in the ocean in front of the sunset in long dress is Naheli

Naheli’s Ethos

Naheli’s hunger for adventure has always been a crucial part of her creativity. Constantly on the move day to day and while writing new music, she’s always soaking up ideas up; unafraid to take turns & detours.

Born in Germany to Egyptian parents, Naheli’s rich heritage therefore provides her with a deeper understanding of what influences us as human beings (thoughts, upbringing, cultural backgrounds & surroundings).

Naheli attempts to explore what connects and differentiates us through her music. This isn’t easy to do, but she’s succeeded with ‘Waves’; fear of the unknown is a universal feeling, after all. We can relate!

Woman crouching in the sand is German artist Naheli

Along with ‘Waves’ came the ethereal music video. Due to the tranquil nature of the single, desert, mountain and wide ocean settings are perfect to be its home.

Need more of Naheli in your life?

Naheli is breaking onto the scene in her own, unique way, so she’s one that you’ll want to keep an eye out for. Discover her via her channels below by using through the link, where you can keep in the know with her live dates, too.

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