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EVERDEEN ‘This Place’ – Out 29th May

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Indie Rock powerhouse Everdeen are set to break the boundaries on what can be construed as pop music. ‘This Place’, set for release May 29th, will aim to show us that there is no limit to pop music. Giving us something that is both modern and timeless.

‘This Place’: There Are No Boundaries

Everdeen’s new single ‘This Place’ will discuss the topic everyone, asks themselves at some point or another. The idea of being stuck in the rut of day to day life. With the chorus of the song asking the question “why do you stay here when you want to leave this place?”.

Everdeen 'This Place' Artwork

‘This Place’ holds a number of different meanings depending on who is listening. It can translate effortlessly between a number of different areas in someone’s life. Whether you are stuck in a small town, routine, a comfort zone, it allows the listener to cater it to more personally reflect what they may be experiencing. Sending a universal message of hope and the freedom to create your own destiny in life.

Using synths, guitars and a driving drum beat, Sümeyra’s delicate and dreamy vocals are able to take centre stage. Creating the perfect backdrop for sending listeners to a beautiful dream-pop soundscape.

A Closer Look At EVERDEEN

Everdeen Photoshoot

Brooding but hopeful, ethereal yet driving, nostalgic while modern – Everdeen hail from Southern Germany drawing from international influences to create their sound. Combining elements of shoegaze, post-rock and synth-pop allows them to create a unique blend of dark and dreamy yet uplifting music. Using a mixture of fuzzy guitars, synths and a post-punk beat as a backdrop for Sümeyra Stahl’s thoughtful lyrics. Utilising dreamy pop and indie with female vocals, Everdeen use elements heard in bands such as CHVRCHES or London Grammar.

Half German and half Turkish Sümeyra spent two years living in London as a singer-songwriter but soon after moved to San Francisco to pursue her career there. This was where she would go on to find their musical soulmate, Ian Stahl. The American guitarist and Sümeyra soon found themselves faced with the costs of living in California. This would lead them to move to the singer’s hometown of Stuttgart, Germany. Whilst there the pair pursued the ideas of the European music scene & the couple soon found a kindred spirit in drummer Tommy Mross – his prowess going on to complete the current Everdeen’s sound.

Everdeen Photoshoot

The band would soon find themselves catching the attention of the local scene, before long they began playing shows all over Germany, as well as international appearances in Vienna and Sweden.

With their main goal of wanting to capture their live energy on tape, Everdeen began working with producer Ralv Milberg. This collaboration would lead to the creation of three singles and videos released in the summer of 2019. One of the tracks ‘Figure It Out’ secured long-term slots on various Spotify Editorial playlists. Soon after, Everdeen got back in the studio; in December 2019, with German producer Marten Thielges and bassist Daniel Pflumm to begin work on their first full-length debut album. Everdeen will release their debut album further into 2020, with ‘This Place’ as a brand new taste of what’s to come.

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