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We hope you’ve had a great week so far, we definitely have! Now before we start the bank holiday weekend (in the UK it means we don’t work next Monday… Partay! Partay!) we have a few opportunities to share with you!

NUsicTV – Television broadcast for YOUR music video!

NUsicTV is a curated independent music television channel. They embrace both signed and unsigned talent, showcasing different genres, artists and filmmakers. The emphasis on ‘new’ in NUsicTV isn’t necessarily the the most current independent music but certainly the most individual, creative or expressive.

They will pay for all mastering of the video for broadcast, ingest of content to distributors and all television playout costs.
They also pay you for the broadcast of your music video through performance and master rights collection.

5% pro-rata share of advertising revenue for the performance right. This can either be paid through the local performing rights society where you collect or we can pay you direct via PayPal.
5% pro-rata share of advertising revenue for master rights. We pay you directly for this via PayPal.

You can check this opportunity out HERE!

C’mon Talk–Cutting-Edge Producer, Drums & Bass Needed!

Based in Chicago (US) Andrew DeMuro created a cover of C’mon Talk by Bernhoft. The record is currently signed to a label in the UK (can’t say which at the moment). He is looking for cutting edge producer to work this on this project, to add drums & bass (this can be done live or in a D&B urban/dance style) and make it appropriate for airplay in nightclubs, in contemporary dance studios, and on the radio. Definitely open to collaboration and new ideas.

He has full separate stems of all the vocals for use in the production.

A 50/50 split on the artist royalties for the track itself is on offer. Publishing royalties are not included however due to this being a cover song. If this sounds like your thing you can pitch HERE!

‘All of This’ top line

Talented producer Ryan Butler is looking for someone to co-write with on his song ‘All of this’ and potentially some others. At the moment It’s just a rough backing track in need of a topline. If you’re an artist and think the song might suit your style or a writer who wants to pitch songs to artists then please get in touch. If you’re also a mixer/arranger, this would be a bonus as I’m open to making changes with arrangement and sounds etc.

Songs will be split 50/50. Are toplines your forte? You can pitch on this project HERE!

‘MTB Quartet’ are looking for a new Trumpet player.

‘Mind The Baby have been together for a year now, so far they had a few high profile gigs, they have supported Mr Richard Bona 3 times (more to come) and have received two good reviews in Drummer Magazine (January 2014 and May 2014).

For this year they have a bit planed, but mostly they wish to find the right Trumpet player for the band. For next year they will have some good gigs (festivals) in and out of the UK as well as they will go on a support tour with a name act.

So if you are a very good player and most important someone that can commit to rehearsals, record and gig, a band member do check this project out HERE!

Oh and also here’s a couple of interesting articles we wrote this week:

Summertime is festival time… so why not try Spain? (Mud not included)

An Interview with Professional Metal Drummer & Producer Garry King

As always have a great weekend, good luck with your projects and if you have any thoughts on our site, your projects or the universe let us know at [email protected]

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