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Flash Harry – Haircut

Photograph of the blog post author, Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson


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Blues rock n roll the way it should be. Raw guitars breaking up over heartfelt playing. Wailing organs playing the choir over rolling drums. Ecstatic and smooth fiddle dancing away. Haircut is a piece of nostalgia wrapped in heart.

Just on the edge of fuzzy and too distorted sits that perfectly transparent amount of break up where Flash Harry’s guitar parts have made their homes. Opening the track and guiding the instrumentation throughout, the repeated and cluttering blues riffs are the highlight of the work. Perfectly blended with a more reverb-embracing slide lead, the two guitars blend into one powerhouse of licks dancing and embellishing their way around the main motif.

A rolling snare takes control of the percussive sections, sometimes intersped with syncopated hi hats but always marching away at the forefront of the rhythm section in the instrumental parts of the track. When it’s not vanguarding the mix with a bubbling of rolling sticks, it solidly steps on the floor to emphasise the deep hitting bassline. The texturally varied and dynamically fundamental hi hats strikes call out to Gypsy Eyes utilisation of space, showing across the duration of the work how a percussive section can play a key role in the instrumental mix and its respective narrative dynamism.

In the solo sections we’re introduced to the always favoured rock-fiddle performance. Drawing sketches of Dave Matthews Band and their timeless fiddle accompaniments, the solo gives the entire track a more harmonically adventurous motif. Taking the overall colour and quality of the chordal work and completely re-addressing its hold over the tone of the piece, the solos give a new and catchy hook to the track that serves to enhance each element respectively in their individual roles.

Though serving up tried and tested tricks, Haircut delivers its sound with an audible joy and authenticity in its performance that is carried across every second of the track. You can never hear too much of talented musicians loving what they do.

  • Overall rating: 7.5/10
  • Pairs well with: Mescalero – ZZ Top

About Flash Harry

‘Flash Harry have secret powers that lift your spirits and move your feet. The rhythms weave their magic as the instruments take you on a rootsy mystery tour. Strange tales unfold of mice and men, of hamsters and humans, of love and lust and joy and debauchery. Flash Harry are masters of their craft. Their music puts a smile on your face, sweat on your brow and stomp in your feet.’

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