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Forming life changing connections – Producer/Singer: Basil Simon

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What really makes our day at Music Gateway is finding out just how the connections made through this site really can make a difference to an individuals life. We have hundred’s of projects active on Music Gateway and despite only being in operation for 6 weeks we were recently contacted by Basil Simon about his life changing experience when using Music Gateway and we would like to share his story with you.

Basil told us about how he has unfortunately suffered from health issues recently which lend him to become worried about his career. Not backing down Basil looked for new ways to find the right connections suited to him and through this search he stumbled across Music Gateway.

“I have been seeking development to help my career and by signing up to Music Gateway it has changed my life.”

Through Music Gateway Basil found manager Si Paul, “Si Paul contacted me after finding me on Music Gateway. Si immediately recognised my production ability after checking me out further and after a series of meetings we agreed to work together. He almost immediately arranged the publishing for 6 pieces of music now destined for certain global markets.”

This shows just how Music Gateway can be used to bring the industry together to form new business relationships. The possibilities are endless and you never know who is just around the corner ready to change your life for the better.

Basil Simon has been involved in writing and producing music for nearly 30 years. During this time he has released an album in 1997 displaying his amazing vocal ability based in rock & blues called Mindfield which sold over 50 000 copies.

Gary Barlow, Take that… “Basil you have a sensational voice”

Since then Basil re-branded himself as CP BAZzZMAN and was a worldwide hit in the mobile content industry selling music and ring-tones through 26 distribution contracts.  Most recently he has released his new album “Dancing for the money man” (available on iTunes) and now produces dance pop music for his new manager/publisher Si Paul through the Notting hill music Umbrella for target markets globally.

“I am really very grateful to John Skinner at Music Gateway for providing a truly professional and effective online music business service. There are many sites out there who claim to have the relationships and industry contacts but actually do not. Music Gateway is the real deal and I recommend it highly to anyone who needs to enter the next level of their professional music industry journey!”

If you have a story about your experience using Music Gateway then please let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you. Please share and tweet!

Also, check out Basil Simon’s official website:

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