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Free Aston Origin Condenser Microphones & Halo Reflection Filter

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It’s the New Year and we all want to spend it being productive right? That’s is why we’ve teamed up with Aston Microphones to offer selected Music Gateway members 1 free Aston Origin Condenser Mic and Halo Portable Vocal Booth. The perfect additions to your recording setup and the perfect tool to get you excited about being back in the studio.

Aston Microphones has already proved that not only can a British team design some of the best microphones in the world, but they can build them in the UK and make them affordable for everyone too. Wanting to create a brand that stands apart in its innovation, technical and engineering excellence and sonic performance, it is easy to see why within the space of the first year the Aston brand has seen global success. They are well on their way to building a legacy, and the best thing about it is, these are brilliantly priced products.

So what makes Aston Microphones so special?

Aston strives for their products to be innovative in their purpose, the Origin condenser mics include features that make them unique as a product. This can be seen in the design, these are not dainty delicate mics designing a Stainless steel knitted mesh pop shield and electromagnetic shielding, ensures that not only is the microphone protected from damage but also from a sound perspective there are fewer plosives and a cleaner signal.

Critically Aston Microphones have received high reviews, not just as a vocalist’s microphone but from those recording the drums, guitar and various other instruments.

“When recording the guitar there’s depth, warmth and detail in equal measure. Picked guitar sounds are suitably articulate and little if any, EQ is needed to coax a good sound out of the pairing” Sound on Sound on the Aston Origin

“The Aston Origin is a serious contender in the already busy space of inexpensive large-diaphragm condenser microphones. However, it held its own against mics 10-20 times its price.” Music Tech Magazine on the Aston Origin

So we know Aston’s Microphones are products that excel, but what about their other products particularly their Halo Portable Vocal Booth.

The Aston Halo reflection filter and portable vocal booth offer Aston’s cutting edge 3D technology using refined control of vocal recordings and great isolation from room ambience. With a 360 degree filtering, the booth offers such bigger surface area and depth of acoustic treatment.

“I think the Halo sets a new bar for the personal vocal booth, the large, lightweight shell shape design and the felt material combine to make it very effective” Sound on Sound on the Halo Vocal Booth

So you know about the brand and you’ve seen the reviews, this is now a studio essential and here’s your chance to win an Aston Origin Microphone and Halo   Vocal Booth.

To kickstart 2017 we have teamed up with Music Gateway to offer 1 free Aston Origin condenser mic with free Aston Halo reflection filter to one chosen Music Gateway Pro/Business member. When pitching please tell us why you feel you should be selected to receive the free gear. Make sure also your profile shows us more about you to help us with a potentially difficult decision!

As well as this we, Aston Microphones are offering an exclusive discount to Music Gateway members on all their products

Basic members can receive a 10% discount

Pro/Business members can receive a 20% discount

For more information on the discount, check out your members pack. You can View your members pack here 

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