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From Adam – Attendant

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Contemporary alternative rock, leading towards the harder scene. Heavy, pounding drums. Chaotic, yet refined distortions. From Adam is a mature and well-articulated outing for the modern rock scene.

From Adam

Introducing immediately the unified rhythms of guitars and drums. The track comes in hard with the main motif. A bouncing, melodic riff that is instantly familiar and memorable to the listener. This established, the verses of the work are made dominantly of a call and response between the riff and more simplistic harmonic content. 

Stationary melodic phrases in the instrumentation (and reflected in the percussion section) leave space for the lead vocals to take over. These short monotonous sections generate a sense of tension and relief, a rising dynamic lift in that falls away to the now comfortable main riff. It’s a simple compositional tool, but one that is endlessly effective. In the case of From Adam is serves to develop an undertone of minimalism before diving into a more dynamically evocative section.

New harmonic progressions and a leaping melody with emphasis on a more coloured divulgence takes over for a short time. This break in the repetition thus far cues a more dynamically aware series of subtle changes in the track. The presence of restraint in the powerful distorted sounds become apparent under the vocal work. Somewhat stripped back forms of the same voicings give nuance to reiterations of simple phrasing.

Attendant further displays this awareness and sensitivity when examining the delivery of the drum arrangement. Almost inaudible changes in the presence of crashes and snare edges emphasise key changes in the instrumentation of the track. Further, the driving hits push the track and create a logical sense of progression across the song.

From Adam is a pristine example of its style. What sets this track out from its peers is very simply the wholehearted and expertly delivered performance. Should Attendant try other aesthetics and sounds, this same level of commitment will serve any genre well.

  • Overall rating: 8/10
  • Pairs well with: Kerplunk Green Day


Attendant is a London-based DIY alt-rock collaboration between songwriter Andy Walker and drummer Chris Rouse (Hold Your Horse IsSamoansJamie LenmanAXE HANDSO-CRATES). 

The songs are built around big riffs, memorable hooks and darkly comic lyrics. The sound draws inspiration from the grunge and pop-punk bands of the 90s, and from the post-hardcore scene of the 2000s. 

Debut single From Adam out now, recorded and mixed by Todd Campbell (Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons) at Stomp Box Recording Studios.”

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