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From Orion – ‘No Matter’ – out now

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Describing the various stages we all go through in relationships, the song ‘No Matter’ is a metaphor for the connection between two lovers, and the connection between space/time and a black hole.

‘No Matter’

From Orion returns with the brand new track ‘No Matter’, a song that displays his incredible, unique tone whilst vocalising his interpretation of the connection between time and space in the form of a great black hole – always pulling the light towards it, swirling around through time.

The track was born in 2016 on a Leap Day and completed 4 years later, again on a leap day – so the song has been in the works for quite some time. With produced drum sounds from Ocean Way Studios, layered synths for live back-tracked performance and an acoustic guitar riff – ‘No Matter’ is quite the listening experience.

The song was mixed by Nick Spezia (Soundscape), who has worked with incredible artists such as Bob Segar and Luke Bryan, as well as holding the position of Head Scoring Engineer for video games ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Call of Duty’. The exquisite mastering was completed by Ted Jensen, renowned for mastering ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles, as well as his work for Evanescence, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Police and many more.

“The second verse picks up on the couple, happy at this moment laying out under the stars, they count the light orbs as they feel the universe pulling them together. Togetherness, just as the true forces of nature at work, are doing exactly that to the whole of space and time”

Who Is From Orion?

From Orion is a project that was written in the stars. Consisting of entertainment superstar BradFromOrion and musical virtuoso Kristophorion – they provide their message musically whilst creating synchronised visual art to add another dimension to the sensory experience. Creating a beautifully immersive sound with a high production chain, the duo have created a new era – where technology meets Alt-Rock with crisp, high range vocals and lyrics that lift the spirits, touch the heart, and challenge the mind to go deeper.

From Orion’s music is something for us all to enjoy, with special tuning to the natural frequencies of the human body’s electromagnetic vertices. Ancient tones – harmonic to the natural world, the planets, and our nearest star, Helios (the Sun), have all been used in their music. Altogether, listeners will experience a galactic journey and receive a message

From Orion designed specifically to awaken those who listen closely. Driven by the idea that your reality can be whatever you design in your mind, regardless of what society says – From Orion intends to spread that same message and vibe portrayed throughout their music. Changing one’s outlook through their tones and musical journey, From Orion describes the challenges we can all face in everyday life and how to navigate your destined path through heartache and distraction.

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