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Grey – Escape The Box

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Jonathan Robinson


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Anthemic pop-punk complete with bouncing rhythmic guitars and dynamic vocal harmony. Consonant distortion trails and punching percussive sections. Evocative progressions emphasise the melodic qualities in this appropriately authentic contemporary track.


Opening with an immediate energy. The drums hit hard in contrast to a subdued but prominent chordal play on the guitars. All before launching into the main motif of crunching rhythmic guitar work. Offsetting the vocal rhythm and reinforcing the simple melodic phrasing from the lead vox.

Within thirty seconds of hitting play, Grey shows dynamic and response jumps in the performative arrangement. This is enhanced and further portrayed the more the track progresses. Through the introduction of supporting echoed vocals, an awareness of sensitivity in delivery is acknowledged.

 The lyrical content is anecdotal and emotionally charged. This is mirrored everywhere on the song. A key element of the work’s success in its embodiment is the wholehearted embrace of its content. The dynamic leaps of the instrumentation display the earnest response of the narrator. The extensive use of diatonic melodic harmony adds a depth to the work that isn’t always present in the genre but does serve to translate a sophistication in the compositional process. 

In the latter half of the track, a uniquely (relative to the song) explorative section is introduced. The instrumentation suddenly becomes rawer and embraces fractals of dissonance in its phrasing. An effected filter is dripped onto the lead voice alongside tremolo effects to create counter-rhythmic and percussive interplay across the instrumentation.

All in all, Grey is another sing-along anecdote of pop-punk output. It’s depth-creating production techniques and compositionally aware use of harmony set it aside as a more acknowledging work within its peers. Its simplicity never appears to undermine its musicality and the performance is fully cemented in the motif of the work.

  • Overall rating: 8.5/10
  • Pairs well with: The Greatest Generation – The Wonder Years

Escape The Box

Escape The Box officially become a band November 2018, but the idea had always been brewing inside Ziey Kizzy (Vocals) head, One day after feeling disenfranchised with his current place in the music landscape he contacted his brother LouZy Hero (Drums) and suggested they bring his idea to life.

Escape The Box was born, both of them reached out to friends to find the right musicians to forge this path with and was super lucky to find Stephen Smith (Bass) and Aaron Maullin (Guitar) who both shared the same vision. This story will grow, but for now you can see everything they have done over on their YouTube channel.”

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