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Horror Dance Squad ‘Out Of Breath’: Look What You Have Done – Out Now!

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Another slice of music from Horror Dance Squad’s debut full-length album ‘No Flag Will Fly Forever’ – and boy oh boy is it another colossal banger. – Out Now

‘Out Of Breath’: Don’t Ignore It

Horror Dance Squad

This explosive track is an exasperated and infuriated cry to those who have the power to change the fate of others, but who have refused to take the necessary steps to makes sure our children will still have a place to call home.

Inspired by the global efforts to tackle the apathy and antipathy of the ruling class towards what is being done to our planet through their carelessness and greed, ‘Out Of Breath’ tackles a classic theme in the genre of punk and metal, but one which is undoubtedly vital to the present situation we face. With blast-beats, breakdowns and a breath-taking chorus, ‘Out Of Breath’ is sure to be the perfect track to echo the frustration we all feel towards our present global crisis.

Who Are Horror Dance Squad?

Horror Dance Squad

Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, Horror Dance Squad have been blasting stages throughout the Baltics since 2014. Unapologetically blending metalcore and punk with vibrant electronics and delivering it to their audiences with unforgettable ferocity.

Lyrically the band explores social and personal issues, justice, injustice and spirituality. Questions and topics that are pressing for us as individuals, but which are universal for all humanity.

‘Out Of Breath’ is available on all mojor streaming platforms now!

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