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How Is Success Like Baking?

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Mary Woodcock


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How is Success Like Baking?

Success in the creative industries is much like baking a cake. You won’t be successful without all the right ingredients, the right heat and the right timing and of course the icing on top.

The Ingredients

The Ingredients are the strings to your bow, the things you do well, the things you’ve worked hard at, practised and perfected. It also includes things like your personality, your pains, your fears, your goals and pursuits. The sacrifice you’ve put in, the 10,000 hours of dedication and commitment to real the light at the end of the tunnel. The ingredients are also your networks, the people you’ve met, and people who have helped you along the way.It’s not so much who you know, but who knows you…

 The Heat
The heat is the risks you take. The pressure you face, when people disagree with your choices/plans but you choose to do them anyway. When things are not going how you hoped when you first started, but you continue because there’s an underlying passion you have. A passion that keeps you in pursuit of being as good as or better than the competition, or even better than you were yesterday.
The Timing

Timing is very important. Watching Trends, you must know what’s going on in your industry in order to know if the market is ready for what you have to offer. Your business plan is much about predicting the future and being strategic with when to release when to charge and when to offer freebies. If you procrastinate you’ll never get the end result. It’s better to have tried and failed than to live with regret. Like a baby Eagle on a cliff, if you don’t jump you’ll never learn to fly.

The Icing / Decoration.

This is your own personal touch. It’s time to do it your way. If there isn’t an opportunity for you to take, make one, so that you and others can benefit from it. It’s also your confidence, your magic, and your persona/how you wish to be perceived. Before you meet someone new, they’ve already judged you before you’ve said a word. From how you dress, to how you speak, to email etiquette and how you do business. For better or for worse, people do take notice. So add your personal touch to your creativity and stand out.

As you’re pursuing your career in creativity, I urge you to be the same but different. Once your cake is complete people will either want a piece of your cake, admire it but not partake, or not like it all. And that’s okay. Not everyone likes Carrot Cake with Buttercream icing like me. But the ones who do will be proud of it, and may even tell their friends.Aim for excellence instead of perfection. Embrace your uniqueness because that’s your strength.Don’t copy trend or what others are doing but stay in your lane and focus on what you’re doing, then over time you’ll be respected for your craft.


Be unique. Make your cake, Eat it and Share it.


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