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I Don’t Need Anyone Else – Liam Fitzgerald

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Jonathan Robinson


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Contemporary singer songwriter full of soulful expression. I Don’t Need Anyone Else revels in its simplicity, both musically and lyrically.

I Don’t Need Anyone Else

On a first listen, a stand-out feature of this track was its excellent arrangement. Layered guitars, piano, percussion are all present but mixed and blended elegantly enough to function as one guiding sound. A hazy reverb coats the track and provides a soft edge. 

Embellished lead guitars appear out of the mix with simple melodic phrasing to accent the vocal lead. Gently keyed diatonic runs connect chord tones on the piano. This in particular reinforces the rhythmic devices created by the acoustic strumming. 

The stationery voicings of the guitar chords provide a backdrop for its orbiting instrumentation. The piano moves between fractals to anchor points in the progression of more distinct alternate qualities. This conjures a certain colour that is only enhanced by the lead playing moving cadentially around the tonics.

Dynamically speaking, the track makes frequent use of staccato sectionism to bring abrupt attention to a certain phrase. The evolution of the work is characterised almost entirely by explorative and decorative lead vocalisations. The melisma-heavy performance is typical of singer-songwriter outputs and executed as well as any of its peers.

Regarding performative delivery, the drum section excels in its dynamically sensitive presentation. Audible enough to push the song just a little more than the instrumentation already does, but subtle enough that the gentlest brush strokes fade into the blurry outskirts of the mix.

All in all, I Don’t Need Anyone Else will be popular within its genre and excel in all expected areas. Its delivery and composition are equally sound, and it serves perfectly its purpose. Contextually, it provides an appropriate respite from Fitzgerald’s slightly grittier soul aesthetic and is a welcome addition to the catalogue.

  • Overall rating: 7.5/10
  • Pairs well with: Electric Light – James Bay

Liam Fitzgerald

Liam entered the UK indie scene with his debut single “Reflect,” a soulful song with an undeniable groove and heavy influences of blues. After previously fronting an indie band throughout his 20s, Liam Fitzgerald has embarked on a solo journey.

Liam writes and produces his own tracks. He takes influences from a wide range of musical genres and brings together a perfect blend of indie pop-rock and acoustic to his music. His pieces exude a soulful tune with a hint of rock and roll.

His first solo single, Reflect, was released on 8th June 2018. The song has an upbeat style that gives listeners sneak-peak into what they can expect from his future single’s, as yet to be released. Reflect recites the lyrics from the other song’s Liam has written. Liam also released an acoustic version of Reflect, which is now available to download or stream on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and other online music platforms.

Liam previously fronted indie band ‘Fagan‘, who shared the bill at festivals and gigs with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs, The Sugababes and The Holloways. With his live performances as well as producing and song-writing skills, Liam is now one of the upcoming gifted indie artists who is making their mark on the music scene. He has plans to release more music in the future as well as inspire others who also want to enter the music industry and showcase their skills.”

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