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I’m Thinking ’bout…MAXO – ‘SEX’

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Dripping with charm and unabashed earnest, MAXO brings us ‘SEX’. Offering the pleasing combination of acoustic guitars, dance rhythms and gentle, melodic harmonies we’ve come to enjoy from Australian folk-pop, MAXO commands the medium to deliver this light-hearted admission I’m certain we’ve all been guilty of: ‘I’m thinking ‘bout SEX’.

As the song opens with rhythmic fractal chord work and disarming claps, we immediately hear the inevitable audience participation that will dominate the venues housing this sonic embodiment of summers to remember. Open and sincere, this Vampire Weekend-esque approach to pulling strings sets the tone with just enough of an accompaniment to feel organic, and just little enough for the chorus to take off with extended instrumentation. 

This infectious beat, reflected in the stop-start presence of the vocal melody, dances its way to the equally alluring chorus section that’ll surely have you singing (or perhaps humming in the office) along all day.

The blunt and direct lyricism throws up a finger and a cheeky grin to the perceived ‘awkwardness’ around the discussion of sex. This willingness to be bare-souled, but equally spirited is MAXO’s stamp on modern music- a refreshing and personable sound authenticity.

Combined with pristine production alluding to crystal clear layers of contrapuntal harmony; MAXO’s signature voice and playful musicality is preserved and administered expertly. Gleeful claps and buoyant percussion is ever present as a driving force for the guitar, and as a dynamic tool across the work, used perfectly to highlight the instrumentation each step of the way.

As a package this song will adorn many barbecues and summer gatherings, definitely one for the playlists.

  • Releases: April 17th 2020
  • Overall rating: 8.5/10
  • Pairs well with: Naba Norem – Busby Marou

About MAXO

“MAXO is the velvety smooth Australian voice taking the pop world by storm”

– Happy Magazine

A finalist in 2019’s International Songwriting Competition, MAXO has already asserted himself as a talented writer. Returning with ‘SEX’, he continues his journey as an original creator with a strong presence of personality in his sound.

Already thousands of streams behind him, MAXO is set to become a familiar name for listeners around the world.

Stream ‘SEX’ on Spotify:

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