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In Her Feels – Boston Light Band

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Pop rock duo Boston Light Band bring us a sophisticated and stripped back narrative of pressure and expectations. Using only guitars, voice and drums, the two always manage to harness the limitations of a smaller ensemble as a strength rather than a weakness – and create unique and recognisable compositions from this strength.

In Her Feels

Full bodied and gently chugging away, the rhythm guitar holds up classic influences while maintaining character and presence throughout. The opening lead, drenched in chorus (or perhaps a short delay modulating the pitch) dances around the tonic, hinting at The Cure-esque diatonic runs but never demanding much attention.

‘In Her Feels’ delicately and poetically handles its subject matter from an outsider’s perspective, narrating and interpreting the scene before them. ‘…I think she just wants to feel something real…’, the track expertly arcs between blunt statements like this- wrapped in some degree of empathy, and a touch of sympathy- and slightly more cryptic prose. This serves to show the mastered balance of accessible and meaningful lyrical content.

More rolling rhythms enter progressively, responding to and complementing the chirpy, driving percussion. Warm and pristine, the guitar tonally speaks of more recent Frank Turner contributions, filling the space with dynamic and evocative strumming. Without any strict pattern, the performance is always in touch and responding to the vocal and percussive delivery, sounding alive and organic.

Though dynamic lifts and falls occur, they are always subtle and change smaller details of the instrumental performance. Slight embellishments on the drums, more explorative vocal work -melodically speaking. The gentle changes give the song an air of timelessness, developing and evolving but never losing its identifying features.

‘In Her Feels’ is a well-crafted, narrative delivery, highlighting the unique approach that the band brings to contemporary pop-rock. Excellently executed lyricism wrapped up in a radio friendly performance.

  • Overall rating: 9/10
  • Pairs well with: No Man’s Land – Frank Turner

About Boston Light Band

From Cape Town, South Africa, Boston Light Band are a contemporary pop rock duo. Known for their engaging and energetic live performances, they offer a refreshing sound in the midst of their peers.

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