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Indies Benefit from New Sync Disruptor

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Indies Benefit from New Sync Disruptor

Since the introduction of new technologies such as streaming and other aspects of the digital world, it is no secret that there has been a big shift in the way income is generated for artists, songwriters, bands and the wider market. Getting music placed within film, TV, advertising and games is now a key revenue stream that can’t be ignored.

The sync market is reportedly worth multiple billions each year for rights owners. The increasing need for good music is growing stronger every day. Netflix, NBC Universal, Disney ABC, Vice and Amazon all lead the way in creating more in-house high-quality original TV content and whilst placements fees have reduced per license over the years, the wealth of music required, purely based on the content has rapidly increased.

The reduction in fees has meant that Supervisors and their clients are increasingly looking to the Indie sector for cheaper solutions.

To fully tap into and access these opportunities comes at a cost, both in time to build close relationships with agencies, music supervisors and brands and in turn cash.

Whilst the larger labels and publishers benefit from dedicated in-house sync managers, this tends to lean towards handling license requests and legal process rather than pitching and pro-actively servicing clients. With this in mind, there is a clear need for an efficient way for Indies to receive professional representation both for unsigned creators and the wealth of publishers and labels who want to exploit their masters.

 Sync Portal Launch

Here at Music Gateway we wanted to provide a solution to this we spent the last few years brushing up on our Sync expertise, sponsoring events such as the AIM Sync Event, The London Sync Sessions, Sync Summit LA and the Guild’s LA Expo as well as, working closely with the Guild of Music Supervisors to utilise these connections to create a level playing field for the independent labels and publishers when it comes to having their music represented for sync opportunities.
We also launched an exclusive Indie channel to service over 300 global advertising agencies and personally service a network of over 700 music supervisors worldwide. This includes Hollywood’s supervisor elite including John Houlihan, Joel C High and Jonathan McHugh board members from the Guild of Music Supervisors. Showing that we are contenders in the world of Sync we have had the likes of leading independent distributor and publishing administrator CD Baby jump on board. 
“With two million pre-cleared CD Baby artists’ songs opted in for Sync Licensing, we are always looking for avenues to get our client’s music in front of music supervisors around the globe. We are thrilled to be a launch partner for Music Gateway’s new Sync Portal where we can showcase our top songs to the leading agencies and supervisors.”
Jon Bahr, CD Baby’s VP of Music Publishing and Rights Management
A Note From The Team
 “As a company and on behalf of my team, we are extremely proud to be able to deliver this new sync portal service. We listened to our members and the wider sync market demands and it’s paid off. This launch is the result of our dogged development and hard work during 2016. Our batteries are fully re-charged following the festive season and we are all fired up for a benchmark 2017.” 
Jon Skinner, Music Gateway’s CEO / Founder
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