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Instant Summer Hit: Bethany Dyson – ‘Just You and Me’

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Jonathan Robinson


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Picture this: a long winding road through the mountains and a bright summer day. You can’t quite remember where it is that you’re headed in this perfectly cooled convertible, but right now it doesn’t matter. The smell of forest dew trails over the pass and the air around is filled with the honey-soaked, feel-good soul of Bethany Dyson’s ‘Just You and Me’.

Just You and Me

‘Just You and Me’ opens with jangly, gleeful chords danced into the mix on acoustic guitar. Followed closely by a parade of diatonic bell piano tones and wailing organ voices perforated by percussive embellishments, we’re softly ushered into the first verse. 

Immediately, the layered mix of instrumentation opens up and allows Bethany’s breathy, authentic delivery to take the lead. Vocal embellishments and play recall that of Eartha Kitt, support by electric piano offerings tucked just below the voice’s domain.

Sporadic, supportive instrumentation is a continuous theme throughout the track; Bethany’s vocal melodies often echoed or contrasted in the likes of electric guitar or minimal horn section. Though this makes for a heavily laden mix, excellent use of space (enhanced with lashings of reverb) make -what could be a chaotically complex mix of sound- a full, live and organic combination of genuinely fun-filled musicianship.

Structurally, the song is all about the main hook – repeated several times throughout the piece with timbral variances. One time, even being replaced with a lead guitar and vocal duet. This adds a refreshing twist to the now-comfortable route of the song and introduces a more dynamically rich display of instrumental composition.

Following the solo section, we enjoy a stripped back, yet rising, crescendo alteration of the primary motif – peaking just before drifting away (again wonderfully enhanced by reverberation) to a satisfying close, and a tasteful sign-off of sound.

‘Just You and Me’ is a perfectly crafted summer hit and would be perfectly suited for a feature on easy listening radio stations and movie montages. This song commands it’s presence from the listener and delivers on all expectations it sets from beginning to end.

  • Overall rating: 9/10
  • Pairs well with: Lake Street Drive – Lake Street Drive

About Bethany Dyson

First releasing at the end of 2018, Bethany Dyson has enjoyed achievements including reaching number 3 in the iTunes Country Chart, and having ‘Just You and Me’ named ‘Tune of the Week’ by BBC Introducing Coventry and Warwickshire.

Bethany will continue her practice of writing and delivering from the heart, and we’re exciting to hear more of her captivating brand of pop.

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