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Introducing the Private Network

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Introducing the Private Network

It’s been a busy year for us over at HQ. In a way, it’s all been building up to this – the launch of our Private Network solution. With Island Records Dance & Notting Hill Music Publishing as founding clients, we’re proud to finally reveal to you what we’ve been working so hard on.

We were approached a while back by a notable publishing company and they asked us to create a bespoke project management system to help with their heavy workload and inefficient methods for handling their projects.

99 Problems

The more we talked to companies and professionals in the industry, the more we heard about the same problems…

Too many emails, lost communications

Duplicated data, lost audio & files

Projects getting left behind, not completed

People are using a combination of Dropbox, emails, WeTransfer, and Excel spreadsheets to keep track of their music projects and artist campaigns and it becomes highly inefficient and messy.

The Private Network allows you to assign projects within your network, or use the pitching phase for submissions. Of course, there is the private Workspace to use for secure file transfers & messaging, and important features like timeline feedback (now for video too!).  

This way of working keeps everything in one place, so everyone is always up to date, there’s no duplication of data, and project managers can track the progress of the project and fit things within deadlines easily.

Project managers can oversee their network and projects in one place. Boom!

Who can use it?

Everyone! Ok well not everyone, it’s been specifically designed for the Creative and Music Industries so pretty much everyone who fits that description. So, if you have a team, or community in your company, roster, or just artists that you like to work with / collaborate with, then the Private Network is perfect for you.

If you are a Publisher, Record Label, Music College, Music Supervisor, Artist Manager, Games Developer, TV/Film Production Company, or someone who’s working with a group of people on music-related projects, and need an all in one solution that allows everyone to work in the same place, saving you time and money…  you’re going to love it. (Breath).

You’re in control

You’ve got the power to manage your network; no one gets in without an invite. You can create groups and assign projects individually or to groups, OR use the standard pitching phase to manage submissions, and get your work done!


Each Private Network is completely bespoke and set up based on the needs of whoever is operating it. If you’re an educator, the project types available to you are created during the creation of your network, you might want a ‘Coursework’ project to deliver to students. If you’re a publisher, you can have your writers send submissions in, and manage them all in one place. Whatever it is, we can make it happen.

Collaborative Space

You’ve seen the Workspace, but now you’ve got the option to open it up to all the workers so that everyone can see everyone, making collaborations much easier, which means that everyone can see messages and files all in one place!

Each Private Network is modular and flexible, with features including unlimited usage and network growth; unlimited file sizes, back up and storage; branded private networks, security and project management systems; mobile optimisation; worldwide access; collaboration and remote working tools.

What have people been saying?

Don’t just take our word for it. There’s a reason Island Records & Notting Hill Publishing have got on board as quickly as possible. Hear it from them:

“Tracking the progress of these projects and the individual processes are essential, and managing my network as a whole is a top priority. With Мusic Gateway I have my own closed network that I control, so I can make this happen in a much more effective way, saving myself heaps of time.”

– Dave Lambert, Island Records UK

“I’ve had to rebuild my Mac three times this year, due to clogged emails and submissions. Managing the wealth of exceptional briefs that come through from our sub-publishers isn’t an easy task. With a dedicated network like this, the stress and frustration is not an issue any more. In one central place, I can receive and access submissions from our writers anywhere in the world. I can provide access to our clients and keep Andy, Dave and Leo updated at all times. I’ve been waiting for a professional A&R system like this for years, I’m so glad it’s now a reality – and more to the point, I’ve got one.’

John Saunderson

Head of A&R – Notting Hill Music Publishing UK

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the folks at Мusic Gateway, and I see a lot of exciting developments with their services.   Having a system where I can fully A&R projects from start to finish is a massive benefit.  The unique tool for adding timeline feedback to audio and video is awesome, I’m super impressed with what they have created.  Not to mention, with their market place, we’re also able to find remixers, session musicians and of course track down new emerging talent. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Eric McLellan   

Director, A&R – Sire Records USA

Want your own Private Network?

If you’d like to hear more about the Private Network and how it can work for you, get in touch with us here. Or set up an account for personal projects here.

We’ll be happy to give you a personal tour and chat.

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