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Introducing "Youth Music" - The Charity Pioneering Great Opportinuties

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Incorporating music into the lives of others is something every music professional strives to do whether that be musician, label, management, distribution and the rest. Sporting a similar goal with different motivations, Youth Music are introducing music to the lives of others in a slightly different way.  A national charity that uses music to help children and young people through difficult and challenging times in their lives, Youth Music have carried out hundreds of projects across the UK, changing the lives of thousands of young people.

Young people’s passion for music is really high in this country, but because of their difficult circumstances many don’t get a chance to make music. This is where we come in and break down those barriers.” – Youth Music CEO Matt Griffiths.

We’ve all had some experience of the benefits of music, whether it’s learning a new tune on your favourite instrument or simply cheering yourself up with your favourite song after a hard days work. Youth Music recognises that ‘music making’ projects don’t just improve people’s musical ability, but also improve their social skills, behaviour and self esteem, among many other things. “In total we’re supporting about 350 projects across the country reaching around 75,000 young people every year. That includes children in their early years, teenagers and people in their early twenties.” – Youth Music CEO Matt Griffiths.  

The charity recognises the benefits that active music making has and makes sure that each project is relevant to the people attending it. Matt goes on to support this, “Young people love all different types of music, so we invest in projects that put young people at the centre – they also help decide how their projects are going to work. It’s about what music they love and using it as a starting point.” – Youth Music CEO Matt Griffiths. The music that each project uses can range from Grime to Classical, Jazz to Reggae. Each session is a collaboration between the young people involved and the music leader to ensure that everyone gains as much as possible.

The groups that the charity target are the groups that often miss out on music as it is sometimes considered a luxury. Youth Music is centred around making sure these opportunities aren’t being missed by those that will benefit from them, much like what we aim to do here at Music Gateway.

Music Gateway provides industry professionals with a platform to aid the development of their careers by offering them opportunities they may otherwise not come across. Our platform creates a level playing field to ensure that the newest and smallest professionals can access projects from the biggest names in the business.

If you’d like to get involved and find out more about the organisation, take a look here.


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