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It’s A Promo Thing! – Tips for Promotion

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A musician’s main goal is for their music to be heard and the more people that listen, the better. This is where Promotion & Plugging comes into play. The Plugger is there to fight for your music and explain why it is the best thing in the world. There are three main sectors: Radio, Online and TV. The Radio Plugger will try to get your music played on the radio, the Online Plugger will cover all of your promotion with websites and a TV Plugger will (surprise surprise).. try to get you on the TV.

‘It’s a Promo Thing’


Based in London and Ibiza, they are a professional record promotion company that has established itself in the music industry as the best cost-effective and globally reliable service around. The company promotes music and gets it into the hands of some of the biggest DJs and Producers around the world. Supporting their latest campaigns are Carl Cox, Rob Da Bank (Radio 1), Richie Hawtin, Fatboy Slim, B-Traits (Radio 1), Danny Howard (Radio 1), Frans Cosgrave (Futuristic Polar Bears), Andi Durrant, Lee Butler (Radio City), Charlie Hedges (Kiss FM) just to name a few.

Specialising in a wide range of genres across Electronica and Dance, we wanted to bring them to your attention along with some tips and tricks for promoting your music.


1. Raising Awareness:

The sole purpose of promotion is to bring attention to your music and to get more and more people to be aware of it and listen. So the first point is kind of an obvious one. Make their lives easy. By having a solid & consistent artist/label image, and tying together things like press shots, music videos, your music and even what you wear in a strong character and theme. When someone new finds you the first impression is everything. MAKE THEIR LIVES EASY, be everywhere, and link everything to everything else. Always have consistency.

2. Collaboration

We’re pretty big on Collaboration over here at MG. It’s a huge part of promoting your music, but it doesn’t just have to be creative collaborations, just working with people in any area of the industry can do great things for your exposure. It’s the whole culture of you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. And it will get you far, trust us.

3. Get Professional Help

No, we’re not talking about therapy. We’re talking about ‘It’s a Promo Thing’ and companies like them. At the end of the day, it’s the music ‘Industry’, and if you’re not prepared to invest in yourself and your music you’re much less likely to get out of ‘bedroom mode’. It really is a case of you getting out what you put in. Think of yourself as a start-up, you need investment before you can start making a profit. This is a stage a lot of people struggle with, so it’s worth having a look at our blog on funding.

‘It’s A Plugging Thing’

Child of ‘It’s A Promo Thing’ Its A Plugging Thing consists of a team who dedicates their time and effort to set up face-to-face meetings with the Radio people that matter. These face-to-face meetings are what separate ‘It’s A Plugging Thing’ from other plugging services as it isn’t all done via email, they promote your music in person, allowing a greater chance of your music being used.

Due to their strong relationship with some of the biggest and best Electronica radio shows, podcasts and stations they can now offer a very competitive alternative to radio plugging with the same effectiveness.

This relationship allows the company to set up regular meetings with Radio 1 Producers and DJs, Kiss FM, Capital FM, Podcast Compiler, A-List DJs etc. in the UK. This allows your music to be considered on a selection of Daytime and Specialist Playlists.

If you’d like to connect with a company like this through Мusic Gateway you can create your own PR or Marketing project here.

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