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Jamaal Marvel ‘OTP’: A Story Of Struggle – Out Now!

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Jamaal Marvel is no longer dreaming. The rising star who hails from Virginia has a creative mind that finds its way into telling stories across multiple mediums – from novels to art to music. His music, in particular, has been drawing some attention of late, and his newest release ‘OTP’ is sure to put him on the map globally. 

OTP: To Help You When Times Get Tough

Recorded in Busan, South Korea, OTP is Jamaal Marvel’s latest track – reeling with classic R&B vibes and thoughtful lyrics. Throughout ‘OTP’, Jamaal Marvel tells the story of someone living their best life and then being suddenly disturbed by something or someone that disrupts their joy, their routine and their inner peace. Described as a story of struggle, the lyrics show the emotions Jamaal went through and tells the story of his survival.

The track came to life once Jamaal created the beat, penning the lyrics after dealing with an addiction – something that many people can relate to. Jamaal wanted to create an outlet, a song to listen to for a person who is struggling with an addiction of any kind, and for them to be able to lift the weight off of their shoulders and release their emotions. Wanting to ensure that ‘OTP’ could be relatable for anyone going through a tough time, Jamaal hasn’t used any female/male pronouns in the lyrics, and the subject of the struggles mentioned in the song can be interpreted by the listener so they can submerge themselves into the track whilst listening.

Who Is Jamaal Marvel?

Drawing inspiration for his music from every decade – specifically the funk of the 1980s and the heart and vibe of the 90s, this rising star, Jamaal Marvel has a sound all his own. A Virginia native who is currently residing in Suwon, South Korea, Jamaal has been steadily developing his career as a musician whilst serving in the Air Force. He began touring with a small group, performing at local venues in 2012 while stationed in Arizona, and then went on to release his debut album ‘Love & Imperfections’ in 2013. Following that, in 2015 he became the lead vocalist of the fusion group ‘Half Black’, which Jamaal co-founded, and then later on in 2018, Jamaal then began working with the EDM artist, Cadmiun – resulting in tracks that have reached more than 2 million views on YouTube.

Throughout 2020, Jamaal has released three singles, the first two ‘Sucker’ and ‘Future Love’ have already gained heavy interest on various streaming platforms, and the third track ‘Give It To Me’ has got everyone talking – reserving him a spot on the Upcoming 100 Charts. Now with his fourth track ‘OTP’ – he’s sure to make a great impression, and he’d be a great addition for your playlists.

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