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Championing Mental Health Awareness With Joshua Lloyd

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Championing Mental Health Awareness With Joshua Lloyd

The past month has been a particularly eventful one for the MC/Producer, and Music Gateway artist Joshua Lloyd

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Joshua has already achieved so much this year. From interviews with major industry figureheads such as Steve Cusack of CD Baby and Paul Pacifico, CEO of the Association of Independent Music. On top of this, Joshua played to a packed out industry showcase at The Pipeline in Brighton, for The Great Escape Weekend. Here, Joshua convincingly showcased his MC roots and his unique, gritty voice full of vulnerability and warmth.

Joshua Lloyd, Steve Cusack, Paul Pacifico, The Great Escape

Championing Mental Health Awareness

Joshua Lloyd is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, MC and Producer. Through Joshua’s music, you will discover that there is both a light and dark side to his artistry. This is due to his life experiences and through the struggles he has faced within his own mental health battles. He feels this is the reason behind his multi-genre approach to his music and why he is who he is. Shaking off his inner demons and overcoming his own trials and tribulations, he is now more than ever before using his music and compassion to help others look to heal themselves and inspire change.

In support of Mental Health Awareness week, Joshua participated in an interview with the Telegraph. Here he shares his experience battling mental health issues. Joshua sadly tried to take his own life after being passed from doctor to doctor, looking for a diagnosis for why he was feeling angry and lost. He was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder while being treated in a psychiatric hospital.

Joshua Lloyd, Telegraph, Mental Health Awareness

Don’t Wave The White Flag…

With support, Joshua has now released his latest single ‘White Flag’ with Music Gateway, as well as the official music video which premiered last week. The message behind ‘White Flag’ is inspiring to say the least. Never give in to your demons, stay strong no matter what obstacles cross your path…

#DontWaveTheWhiteFlag #JLARMY #WHITEFLAG

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