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Karen Francis ‘Like That’: Breaking The Limits Of Motswako – Out Now!

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Breaking the limits of Motswako; Karen Francis, the African-British rising pop star is changing the beat with her next track ‘Like That’ – Out Now!

‘Like That’

Recorded in her bedroom back in 2018, Karen patiently waited for the perfect collaborator before planning the release – and she found just that in Topaz. Hailing from South Africa, Topaz is a rapper, and they met whilst working on another project with various artists – he adds a perfect verse with his smooth flow to the track.

Being a hopeless flirt/romantic at heart, Karen feels that people can sometimes get the wrong idea. Others think that maybe those personality traits are a weakness that they can take advantage of. ‘Like That’ describes her experiences with past love interests, and how she seems to attract the bad ones who are possessive, materialistic & very egotistical.

So that’s why I’m like “Why you wanna take my love & not give it back”, it’s me saying why do you want me to meet you more than halfway when you are not willing to put yourself out there too.” – Karen Francis

A quote by Les Brown also served as part of the inspiration for the track. ‘When things go wrong, don’t go with them’ – Karen wants her listeners to know that changing your perspective or how you let your troubles manifest can either produce a positive or negative result, and it’s really up to you how you want that to go. For Karen, she chose to write this song.

Who Is Karen Francis?

British Rapper, Singer/Songwriter & Digital Creator, Karen Francis comes from a diverse cultural background with roots in Britain, Botswana & South Africa. Born in Gaborone Botswana, she has a colourful personality, an unprecedented sense of style and can be best described as a multi-talented & driven young woman with an appetite to see what the world has to offer.

She lived in Southern Africa until the age of 8, and her move to the West sparked her keen interest in the arts. At the age of 13, Karen made a decision to dedicate her time & efforts into becoming a skilled entertainer, working with mentors in the entertainment industry to not only gain a better understanding of her path but also to shape her into an entertainer that everyone can appreciate.

With the success of her YouTube channel, ‘Caramel Noona‘, gaining millions of views in its first year, and her ever-growing music catalogue including tracks such as ‘Cake‘ and ‘Weekend Special‘ – she is determined to continue exploring her creativity on all grounds.

On top of that, Karen Francis is also an heiress & the great-granddaughter of Daniel Francis; an English prospector who founded the second-largest city in Botswana, Francistown. Karen proudly carries on her family legacy.

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