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KERRIA ‘No More’: Put Yourself First – Out Now

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With over 3 million views on Youtube for her previous single ‘Warrior Cry’ KERRIA’s music has been heard across the globe, unveils her brand new song ‘No More’ – Out Now. Her first track of 2020 the track contains a powerful message of self-growth and the importance of putting yourself first. ‘No More’ will set the tone for KERRIA’s future releases of inspiring and positive anthems coming later in the year.

‘No More’: Powerful, Uplifting, Catchy

KERRIA 'No More' Artwork

With powerful themes, ‘No More’ will inspire everyone in search of a brighter future. However, the inspiration and muse for this song comes from a much darker place.

Following an abusive relationship which showed no signs of blossoming and only continued rot, the artist left. Putting herself first, KERRIA found her own happiness and success. Giving her the strength to block that person out of her life, KERRIA shows in her lyrics that simple words such as, “let go, there’ll be no more” take so much power to be able to say to that one person who has been putting you down.

With pop-rock elements combined tastefully with electronic and drum n bass undertones, ‘No More’ is a hugely empowering and uplifting song. One that is bound to get you moving, the song’s dynamics grow larger and brighter as you listen to it.

The song is powerful, uplifting and catchy.


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Born in Israel, KERRIA showed a natural flair for music and performance from a young age. This talent was not stifled and was recognized and nurtured, moving her from a public Israeli school to an American International school at age 11. From here she would join the jazz choir where she would go to perform across Israel and Turkey.

During the summers of 2007 and 2009, KERRIA would go on to be involved in various music academies in Chicago and New York. Extending her experience across multiple genres of music, performing in musicals, composing and working in studios with a vast array of professional musicians.

KERRIA Photoshoot 2

KERRIA would continue to grow as a musician over the coming years gaining experience through a number of charity events throughout Gibraltar and the south of Spain. The artist would then go on to win the Suncane Skale Song Festival, Montenegro in 2015. KERRIA also more recently made an appearance on The Voice: Russia.

Following the release of her first official EP in late 2019, KERRIA has continued her collaborations with worldwide known composer Walter Afanasieff, songwriter Aleena Gibson, producer/musician Fabrizio Scotti, UK based producer Mike Kintish and Ukrainian singer-producer Artem Pivovarov.

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