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Kerria Unveils Powerful Single ‘To Love Again’ – Out Now!

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Kerria `To Love Again` Artwork

While the global madness hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down yet, neither has the artist roster here at Music Gateway! We present you with ‘To Love Again’ by KERRIA. A new tune that will add some fierce sound to your stay-at-home playlists!

Rising independent pop artist KERRIA certainly hasn’t held back in her newly released single ‘To Love Again’. Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music and, Deezer, or watch the music video on Kerria’s YouTube channel!

KERRIA Channels Strength Through ‘To Love Again’

This heartwarming pop ballad details the innate struggles of opening your heart, allowing it to love again after a heartbreak. Her voice holds a deep yet resilient strength, wholeheartedly showcasing the depth of her emotions throughout the song. ‘To Love Again’ gives a nod to any listeners experiencing this themselves. 

KERRIA values the power of adversity following emotional trauma. It gives you immense strength and a sense of independence. This is channeled through ‘To Love Again’, as it sparks courage and strength in listeners, encouraging those going through hardship to be strong and to use music as a source of healing.

Behind The ‘To Love Again’ Singer

Professional Photo Of Kerria

Israel-born singer KERRIA has already earned a great deal of musical knowledge having studied in various academies across New York, Chicago, Spain & London. However, knowledge is not the only thing she has to offer, seeing as she has already performed across Israel and Turkey, the south of Spain & Montenegro. KERRIA has made it clear that she has earned a great deal of experience throughout the international music scene.

Deep lyrics are a staple of her music, complimentary to her fusion of pop, EDM, and rock while drawing influence from artists such as Sia & Kelly Clarkson. KERRIA likes to remain experimental with music so she can allow herself to form her own style. 

KERRIA’s ultimate goal is to have her fierce music serve as a tool in healing and mending those who have suffered trauma, aiding them to overcome it. She also hopes to inspire others to seek new pathways in which to grow.

Find & Follow KERRIA:

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