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Leena Voxx ‘Never Goes Away’ Tells A Tale Of Falling In Love

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Amidst the current madness, at least we have new music! So, independent artists such as electro singer-songwriter Leena Voxx are leading by example.

Releasing ‘Never Goes Away’ this Friday, Leena Voxx has decided not to hide away during the current climate. Instead, she is to lay the rawest of her emotions bare with ‘Never Goes Away’; a personal tale of falling in love.

“This song is about falling in love. It has no hidden meaning. It is opening up your heart and shouting out how you feel after finding love.”

Now that a growing number of us are opting to keep safe in our own homes, we’ll crave new music and other entertainment now more than ever.

Leena Voxx’s new single ‘Never Goes Away’ is fuelled by emotion & intrigue. It describes falling in love & not letting it go. Strong, undoubtable feelings inspired Leena to write ‘Never Goes Away’. This sense of certainty is very much needed during uncertain times such as these.

As philosopher Pythagoras once said:

Music is the language of the heart, the only language that enters the soul without having to pass through the filter of the brain first.”

Subconsciously staying true to this philosophy, Leena wasted no time getting her emotions on paper. Rather than editing & rearranging ‘Never Goes Away’s lyrics, she left them untouched, conveying her emotions in the rawest, most honest way possible.

Artist against pastel blue and pink background is Leena Voxx

Leena Voxx: The Electro Singer-Songwriter Behind ‘Never Goes Away’

Leena Voxx – previously supported by The Fader, Clash, Earmilk & Hype Machine – draws musical influence from powerful artists such as Halsey and Sia.

Re-focusing the lines between pop & electronic music, Leena’s work seamlessly unites her distinctive vocals & passion for everything electronica.

Collaborating With Producer Kerfo

Songwriter and producer Kerfo (who has worked with a number of award-winning artists from the likes of Sony & Universal Music) has teamed up with Leena Voxx to produce a majestic, modern remix of ‘Never Goes Away’.

The remix combines his strong level of emotion, energy and unrestrained groove with her ethereal and captivating style.

Leena Voxx 'Never Goes Away' Kerfo Remix Artwork

‘Never Goes Away’ is out this week, so be sure to follow Leena Voxx on Spotify so that you don’t miss out!

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