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LightBody Sound – Dream of Love

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Leaning heavily on cross-voiced motifs and cadential melodies, Dream of Love is a tightly wrapped idea of a song bearing the mark of an instrumentalist.

Dream of Love

Opening with The Lightning Seeds-esque layering of soft synth and PCM tones to create a chordal bedrock for its slightly-rigid-slightly-swung percussive loop. A warmer, more analog sounding bass synth offsets the colder mix of the harmony and provides a more engaging resolutive element to the pitching of the chords.

A well-chosen sparseness in the layering takes place at the beginning of each vocal phrase, quickly reinforced by the pad sounds. This adequately allows space in the mix for the matching frequencies of voice and pad, without having to carve away anything of the sonic characteristics found. 

Substituting pivotal chord qualities for rising tensions through the pre-chorus and chorus, the track swaps out certain harmonic elements for variation while maintain the same percussive loop and rhythmic vamping across the mix. At any given time, the same rhythms can be pulled out of the instrumentation (including vocals) that were present in the opening of the track. This is a testament to the minimalist compositional method in a pop capacity. Emphasising thematic compositional approaches, it is made clear that the parts were written with connectivity and transitional consistency in mind.

There is some subtle exploration of equalising as a tool for tonal sculpting, particularly in the bridge sections when something resembling a notch filter can be heard on the vocal section. However, the overall lack of approach to this idea gives the work a kind of ‘open project’ sound that lends to its authenticity. 

Though it can be seen as lacking in production and mastering, the rawer, cleaner sounds explored in the work saddle alongside the LightBody Sound aesthetic seamlessly and may well be an active step in that direction. 

  • Overall rating: 7/10
  • Pairs well with: Leeds United – Amanda Palmer

About LightBody Sound

From the LightBody Sound website:

‘…These two gypsies met on a balmy Southeast Texas night at a retired brothel… The Last Concert Cafe. She was a down-on-her-luck opera singer, drowning her broken heart and luminous talent in too much tequila; he was a mysterious troubadour, quite sophisticated and yet consistently ill-behaved.

This meeting of hearts would not be the scene of their last concert, in fact just the opposite. Did we mention they met on Saint Patrick’s’ Day? Yes it’s true, and as luck would have it… He intuited (“guessed”) her sun sign (Leo), they have been making music ever since. 12 years, 2 children, and 7 moves later, involving Texas, California, Oregon and Virginia, they’ve created something special: music to awaken you to the beauty and healing power of your soul, a blend of dreamy and danceable synth pop, male and female lead vocals, new age ideology, and plant medicine.

They sing, they argue, they laugh, they cry, but all in all, they are out to awaken you to your divine power, your worth, the unlimited opportunity and possibility that is you… and awaken to their own as well. They set out on a road “to somewhere, somewhere they have never been, because burnin’ at both ends” was wearing them down they had to go “a traveling.”

Join Elizabeth & Chris as they fuse their musical talents in a truly unique and transcendent musical experience. “We aim to inspire you and rewire you in a mystical journey of sound, spoken word and song… Yes, welcome to the experience!”…’

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Dream of Love

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