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Mae Krell ‘home’ – Out on the 28th May

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Mae Krell is back once again with their newest single ‘home’. Out on the 28th May. In the wake of their previous single ‘garden’, the 21-year-old singer/songwriter once again shares their beautiful, delicate and honest vocals with the listener as they explore the thoughts and feelings that came following a personal revelation of the world beginning to matter more than ever before & the fear that came along with it.

Presave ‘home’ here

Behind ‘home’

‘home’ takes its inspiration from a particularly vulnerable moment in the singer’s life. Having returned to New York City after almost a year away. During a late-night walk, Mae was suddenly hit with an intense fear that they were not safe. A fear that had them worry about their own safety. A very rare and new feeling for Mae, as they had never really felt anything like this before. They had never really cared much about themselves or their own safety. The idea of wanting to live made reality a very scary place for the singer. This fear and rush of emotion washed over Mae like a wave. All of these thoughts and feelings were used as fuel to come up with the idea for the song ‘home’.

Mae’s new single ‘home’ centres around a divinely soulful piano melody with an echoing drum section that allows Mae’s beautiful vocals to sit atop. Throughout, they are having a meaningful conversation with the listener as they explore themes of belonging. An epiphany of self-discovery and what matters in life. As it plucks at the heartstrings of anyone who listens to it, it also brings a feeling of warmth and comfort from the honesty in the lyrics.

Who is Mae Krell

Mae Krell looks like your average New Yorker. They wear their hair occasionally pink and sport a band T-shirt whenever they can. They hang out at rock shows and love watching Post Malone’s early acoustic videos on Youtube. However, Mae possesses a stark ability that is only apparent once you hear their songs. The songwriter touches on some of the most vulnerable parts of growing up in 2020.

“I don’t want to be portrayed as too put together. I’m still working on myself. I’m constantly changing and growing and falling apart and coming back together.”

Before having even set foot on stage, Mae has always had their passion and interests directed towards music. Having begun their journey in photography. They started off shooting live shows and other music events with their most notable work coming from shooting the Governor’s Ball for Rolling Stones Magazine at the age of 17.

Mae also works as the Founding Editor of Tongue Tied Magazine, a music website geared toward authentic pop and young adult interests, and as a Publicist at NYC based boutique PR firm BITCH mgmt.

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