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Maple St.’s Release ‘The View’: Their Next Alt-Pop Hit

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Maple St. are to release ‘The View’ – Jillian & Alyssa’s next alt-pop masterpiece! Soon to follow in ‘Holes In My Shoes‘ footsteps, ‘The View’ is out on February 14th. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Read all about their debut release ‘Holes In My Shoes’ (which has now reached over 40,000 streams) in our last blog post.

Maple St. New Single 'The View'

Who Are Maple St.?

It’s not unusual for musicians to write about their own relationships, however coming across a couple willing to write about their love story together isn’t as common.

Alyssa Wilkens & Jillian Allen are the queer couple behind new LA-based indie-pop duo Maple St. Upcoming release ‘The View’ and debut single ‘Holes In My Shoes’ both sound as though they’ve been plucked from a coming-of-age film.

After meeting and falling in love at sixteen, they began co-creating music in their bedrooms (just like in the movies!) Now in their early 20’s, after years of experimenting with their style and allowing their music to mature, their work is here for all to enjoy.

Maple St. New Single 'The View'

‘The View’: Behind The Song

Maple St.’s ‘The View’ is a truly unique song. Its entire message aims to define their own modern-day love story. Focusing on the particular lyrics “I stayed for the conversation even though I came for the view.”, it’s easy to imagine the sheer adoration the pair have for each other.

‘The View’ is a fresh, airy sounding hit. Full of bright, pop-sounding electric guitars, honest lyrics & perfectly harmonising vocals, it’s coated in nostalgic pop vibes. However, Maple St.’s personal touch rounds ‘The View’ off with a unique twist.

‘Holes in My Shoes’ was warmly welcomed by thousands of new fans in December, transforming this fresh-faced duo from being recently undiscovered to having over 40,000 streams within a month. Maple St. have their eyes set on even bigger achievements with ‘The View’ – they’re certainly armed with the musical skill in order to do so!

We’re so happy to be working with Maple St. again and can’t wait for more well-deserved successes to come their way!

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