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Marisa And The Moths ‘Tied Up’: Take Care Of Yourself – Out Now!

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Despite the extreme adversity of 2020, Marisa And The Moths have kept their buzz alive and have just released their brand new rock anthem ‘Tied Up‘.

‘Tied Up’: Addicted To The Highs, Addicted To The Lows

Starting off as a beautiful piano ballad, ‘Tied Up’ soon throws you into a powerful, emotional rock anthem with an amazing vocal performance from Marisa. With lyrics that stem from a personal experience, Marisa went through during a toxic relationship – something most of us can relate to in some way. She felt as though she was already so committed to the relationship that she couldn’t get out, as though she was addicted – addicted to the highs, addicted to the lows.

“I was tied up in his pull even though I knew it wasn’t going anywhere but I wasn’t strong enough to walk away at the time.”

After experiencing the emotional abuse in other relationships, this situation felt normal to Marisa – and as a result, she became unable to find her own inner strength, self-love and self-worth. After lots of counselling, Marisa was able to pull herself out of that pit and ‘Tied Up’ is a good reminder to always make sure that you are taking care of yourself and to avoid slipping into old bad habits.

Who Are Marisa And The Moths?

Marisa and her bandmates Liam, Jason, Holly and Connor came together over the last few years to form Marisa & The Moths. Rewind to 2016 – the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter/band manager, Marisa Rodriguez, had a calling to start a band and from there she began searching for The Moths. After knowing him for years through the Reading music scene, she started working with Liam Barnes to get her songs recorded whilst looking for other permanent band members. Going on to record music in the legendary Stakeout Studios in 2017 – Marisa met Jason Wilson who soon became part of the band. Holly Brooke Harvey and Connor Flys are the two talented lead guitarists – and they complete the band.

Since playing their first show in 2018, Marisa & The Moths have gone from strength to strength by gaining a core following and releasing their debut single ‘Skin’ in 2019. Following this, they released 7 music videos throughout 2019/2020 to support their self-titled debut album released in November 2019, and then went on to take on their first headline tour which was a huge success – bringing their high energy to live performances.

Despite the extreme adversity of 2020, MATM has kept their buzz alive by hosting live stream events, releasing isolation music videos and building anticipation for their second album which they have been working hard on throughout the year. The band also have an extensive tour planned for 2021 to bring their new music and energy back to their fans once again.

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