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Giuseppe Masciangelo (Mascio for short) is a devoted husband and father to his wife Cinzia and children Antonio 12 and Gloria 9. But he’s also a passionate guitar playing, music making, songwriting electronic member of society. Taking inspiration from Pink Floyd, U2, Michael Jackson, Pharrell, David Guetta, Aretha franklin, Wiz Khalifa, Maroon 5, Beyonce, Adele, Calvin Harris , Drake and many others.

Always having had a passion for music, Mascio started playing guitar by ear at the tender age of 14 years old and since then has been hooked on chasing his dream of making music and songs.  Now he utilizes the fact that the development of technology and the music industry means he doesn’t have to be anywhere and everywhere for his music to be played and heard  but can have other Dj’s playing his music for him on his behalf.

When asked how long he’s worked in the business for, Mascio simply replied,

“I don’t work in the music industry!! I create music as a hobby in my little home recording studio, I started to create music only as a passion and love for music from the year 2000. I love music, every day I listen to music in my mind, music is creativity, wellness, peace, is an extraordinary language that touch every hidden place of heart, soul, and body I stay well when to listen or create music”

Mascio just proves how beyond his day to day life, the music he makes although a hobby still takes priority and is something he assures perfection is exuberated from in the final results of his body of work. The musician accepts the fact his life hasn’t been easy but chooses to create a variety different types of music to express rather than ponder on it. “Life is a gift and I will not consume even one second to try to realize my dreams”

Mascio hopes to find more work through Music Gateway especially through his latest project which can be viewed here, where he’s currently looking for a nice male vocalist. Lacking inspiration on how to stay proactive on the site, Mascio in his own creative way puts it simply here,

“ I think that in a football team (soccer), everyone has a role in the field to win the match. So as it happens in football,  everyone in the music industry has to try to find their own personal skill and recognise each other skills in the right place of the music field. We must recognise and realise we can’t manage to do it all ourselves, my advice is be a ” team player” and do “smart collaborations” to win the match.”


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