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Max Blücher – ‘Fireflies’ – out now

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‘Fireflies’ is a shimmering deep house-inspired track that builds masterfully from tranquil synth layers to a euphoric high, featuring a gorgeous vocal performance from collaborator Jacquie.


‘Fireflies’ will be released on all streaming platforms on the 15th March 2021. Unlike many of his tracks, ‘Fireflies’ only took Max Blücher a matter of days to write, propelled by a moment of inspiration. In spite of the ongoing pandemic, Max felt compelled to create a song full of positivity and hope, a reminder of the good times past and the good times yet to come. As well as taking influence from the likes of Ben Böhmer, Max was inspired by symmetrical shapes in nature to sculpt the production of this song. By building the track’s rhythmic patterns and melodies around this tenet of symmetry, Max aimed to give the song an uplifting and hopeful vibe.

“I tried to establish a contrast in the time we live in right now with what is yet to come: more freedom again. I try to give people a feeling of hope and joy during this pandemic and believe that people can approach the following months in a more positive manner when listening to the track.”

Who Is Max Blücher?

Growing up in Hanover, Germany, Max Blücher began playing piano at the incredibly young age of 7. As the years went by, Max explored different sounds and genres, moving from classical to jazz at the age of 12, and pushing himself to learn the saxophone. Combining his years of practice and experience, Max channelled his talents into GarageBand to begin his journey as an electronic music producer. Beginning with simplistic lo-fi beats and melodies, he then found himself creating techno as he experimented more with tempo and rhythm.

“The idea of combining lo-fi with techno sounded very intriguing to me, so I started creating the genre ‘lo-tech’, a combination of the two genres.”

Now studying music in Berlin, Max is exploring a wide array of electronic sounds, including deep and progressive house.

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