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After a period of high-demand and eye for success, the Maxi Priest remix project for his new single ‘Tic Tok’ is now finished and complete.

The on-spec project was posted onto Music Gateway by AEI Media with a schedule to end on 11th February. With a completion time of 14 days and the opportunity to create a remix for a well-established artist, this project was under high demand, peaking at 106 pitches. Not only this, but the wide promotion for the record to be supplied by AEI Media as well as full support on radio & club play increased the appeal even further.

With a high quantity of pitches from so many high quality producers, this proved not to be an easy process. Once the users pitched onto the project to be in with a chance, the submissions were received, which meant only one thing: the A&R process must begin. The pleasurable task of listening to so many great examples of work was underway, creating a shortlist of the most suitable and desirable artists for this project.

This shortlist was of course over time made smaller and smaller, and eventually the decision was made. We are pleased to release that those successful were: Jay C, Kyshido, Other Echoes & Ben Knight, and Johnny Too Bad. All remixes from each user are complete and sounding very impressive, so keep an eye out for a release date! A huge thank you to everyone for their pitches, keep an eye for more great targeted collaborations!

Who were involved in this project?

AEI Media is a digital media and music company based in London, UK. AEI Media produces original content, hosts live events, and helps develop artists and brands. They produce critically acclaimed compilation albums with groups such as Drum and Bass Arena, This Is Dubstep, UKF Dubstep, UKF Drum&Bass and UKF Bass Culture.

Maxi Priest is a British/Jamaican reggae vocalist who also sings with an R&B influence, sometimes described as reggae fusion. With international success, becoming one of the most successful reggae-fusion acts of all time, and two top 10 singles in the UK Singles Chart, this was a great high-profile project put through Music Gateway.

Interested in finding bespoke remixes yourself?

This particular remix project is a great example of a start-to-finish project posted through Music Gateway and how it can really benefit. We advise for the best way to gain quality remixes is to post an on spec. project. It lets you accept multiple project workers and only use the finished remixes you wish to take further. Accept as many or little finished remixes as you like in regards to your budget. This gives you total flexibility and quality assurance.

Posting a project to acquire remixes is just one of many options. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss project ideas and options. We are always here to advise you. It’s all in your hands. With a wide range of users and roles, there’s a great chance of finding the person you need to make your project perfect!

Keep in the loop and I’m sure AEI Media and Maxi Priest can’t wait to unleash the mixes to you all. So when you do make sure to whack up those speakers LOUD.

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