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MAXO ‘All My Love’: Out Now! The Epitome of Romance.

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MAXO ‘All My Love’: Out Now! The Epitome of Romance.

MAXO’s ‘All My Love’ is out now – idyllically capturing his lighthearted feelings of devotion, dedicated to his loved ones. ‘All My Love’ is MAXO’s 2020 debut & there’s no need to look any further for the perfect Valentine’s Day tone-setter!

Check out this punchy piece of romantic balladry for yourself on Spotify, or soak up the visuals of the music video on YouTube. ‘All My Love’ is infectious!

Giving Adoration & Devotion A Sound: MAXO ‘All My Love’

‘All My Love’ graces the ears as joyous adoration and devotion. The song’s message, laid bare by its title, steadfastly pledges MAXO’s love to his nearest and dearest.

Melting away the cold of winter, MAXO’s lyrics emulate warm feelings of optimism. However, he also recognises that love comes with compromise:

“You can be working hard chasing your dreams (one of the massive loves in my life) but, in turn, may find yourself missing out on other loves, such as family & friends.”

MAXO’s Carving Himself A Name In The Australian Music Scene

MAXO continues to carve himself a name on the Australian folk scene. After diving into 2020, his eyes are set on doing what he does best; crafting folk-laden, feel-good artistry. He does this all this with merely a guitar in hand!

Therefore, after a successful rendition of Coldplay’s ‘Christmas Lights’ in November, ‘All My Love’ is a flaming bullet. It’s jumping the gun as his first release of the new decade!

Man in white shirt by lake on white background is MAXO

‘All My Love’ is a triumphant fusion of emotions, doubling as a hearty delivery of MAXO’s musical flare. Acoustic & bass guitars are elevated by brassy trumpets and horns, all underpinned by punchy drums. (It’s as though Kodaline’s uplifting indie folk-rock has met with Mumford & Sons vigour to find a happy medium!)

‘All My Love’ is a signature to MAXO’s style. Make sure to save and stream it now, especially in the run up to Valentine’s Day! (There’s even an acoustic version specifically for release on February 14th; an even more romantic affair!)

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