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Hi Guys!

So today’s blog is going to be about a new business venture that our friend Francis Seriau, the former owner and founder of Tech Music Schools, has launched, known as the MET Music Academy. This is a unique new type of music academy delivers international multidisciplinary weekend courses aimed at transforming the careers of talented individuals like we have at Music Gateway.

MET Music Academy stands for Music, Enterprise & talent. It is the product of an exciting collaboration between Francis Seriau, industry giant and Music Producer ‘Kipper’ and Fred Bolza, Vice President, Creative Group, Sony Music. Its weekend courses are designed specifically to include the needs of both talented musicians as well as those of the music industry.

Francis is someone we have interviewed previously on camera, which is covered in the blog in April of this year. You can view and read that interview here!

MET Music Academy is a social, not for profit enterprise.

Who is MET designed for?

If you’re a talented musician with skills in Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Keys, Bass, Song Writing, Production/Programming, Music Directing and you want to forge important lifelong relationships, get inspired and above all, make music Your business, MET Music Academy is for you.

MET intensive weekend events concentrate on what they call The 4 Key Success Factors:

1. Musical Excellence – Achieving peak performance and standing out from the crowd

2. Music Business & Entrepreneurship – How the music industry works and thinking ‘Entrepreneur’ – what’s involved and how to get there

3. Technology & Innovation – The new Tech and Media revolution and how to leverage all the opportunities

4. Media, Branding & Sponsorship – Brands Partnerships and mining every golden opportunity

The quality of the content, the stimulating environment, the opportunities to progress and the long-term benefits afforded by professional mentoring, networking, live performances, feedback from experts and a comprehensive personalized game plan make MET Music Academy uniquely relevant to the needs of today’s musicians.

At long last you will be able to get access to those with real expertise and knowledge, and be given the vital tools to enable you to take control of your career and to succeed both commercially as well as artistically.

We at Music Gateway feel like this is the perfect place for our musicians if they want to learn new things and find other avenues into the music business, as we have mentioned above, it covers all bases that you may need for entry into one of the most dynamic and difficult to get into businesses! So why not try it out, it may be the start of something magical!

If you’re as interested in them as they are in helping you, click here for more information.

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