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It was fantastic to see Music Gateway featured in the Metro yesterday, when Business Editor, Jayne Atherton interviewed CEO Jon Skinner about our unique company and the recently launched crowdfunding campaign.

It was not only great content for the millions of Metro readers but Jayne also appreciated that Music Gateway is a pioneering platform, aiming to level the playing field and create a much needed influx of opportunities for creative people in the industry.

It was clear that Jayne shared Jon’s entrepreneurial vision and was excited to see an innovative platform within the music sector that represents UK business but with global reach and appeal.

“There is a hotbed of entrepreneurs and business savvy people who use the platform in order to reach a worldwide network that would otherwise be unobtainable, or would take time away from the all important creative process. I believe that Music Gateway will save you time and money and help to further your career in the way that you visualise it. It is great to see that the Metro endorses our platform and backs our vision.” – Jon Skinner CEO & Founder

During Jon’s 30 minute interview, Jayne wanted to know what the driving force was behind the creation of the platform. Jon explained about his experiences over his 26 years in the industry, working from the grass roots upwards and facing many of the same barriers and issues as musicians today. This was the reason Music Gateway was created; to provide an important solution to global problems.

Jayne liked the personal touch of the video pitch on the Crowdcube crowd funding site and the idea that the reason to use crowd funding was to give back to musicians and industry professionals. The feature went out on Tuesday 19th November and the circulation hit over 2 million people in London and spread throughout the day on trains right across the South East.

It has only been 2 days since the launch of the crowd funding campaign and we have already surpassed £7,500! To find out more about our crowdfunding campaign, visit our Crowdcube Pitch Page. (You will have to register in order to see detailed information, but you can view the Video Pitch on Vimeo)

If you are someone who shares our vision to further your career and are seeking opportunities to help you reach your goals, then you can now share in our future success. We have made available 15% equity share of the company and you can invest as little as £10 and our projections show you could see a 10 fold return within three years. Ultimately, you will be assisting us in improving our platform and service, providing even more targeted and career enhancing opportunities.

Finally, investment is open to anyone but if you are unable to invest then we appreciate your support in sharing our pitch to those who might be interested in this opportunity.

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