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MG & Planet LA Records Start the holidays with a bang!

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MG & Planet LA Records Start the holidays with a bang!

We recently were lucky enough to co-host an absolutely jamming holiday showcase with Planet LA records in Beverly Hills. Featuring a variety of hand-selected artists from Music Gateway’s members, & planet LA’s roster, and attended by a whole host of industry heads across music supervision, publishing, record labels, & a slew of fantastic artists, musicians and producers. It was a renowned success, to say the least. We’d happily host one every week if we could!

Originally we had hosted the opportunity to perform at the event on Music Gateway, and it’s come together in such an organic way. Music Gateway is all about connecting people and breaking down boundaries in the industry to bring people together around music. It was great to be working with the likes of Planet LA Records who share all these same values.

Pictured: Mark (Planet LA) and Laurence (Music Gateway), toasting a successful night.

 So meet the Music Gateway talent (+ links to MG profiles & music):

 Shay Mari: An electric vibe jumping with uplifting soulful pop, and a serious voice to boot! 

 Streetlight Cadence: Tight-knit pop group with amazing range and dynamics, a true band of musicians in every sense.


 Anna Schulze: Amazingly heartfelt singer-songwriter walking the line between raw pop & indie rock.


We wanted to say thanks to Planet LA Record, the guys at Gibson showroom and of course all the artist who performed and created a great atmosphere in the intimate venue. A special thanks goes out to the Music Gateway members who performed at the event. (Pictured Below) It was a pleasure to watch you guys perform and you have definitely set the bar high for next year’s event.



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