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Miccoli ‘Magnify’- An Exploration Of Emotions

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Sibling trio Miccoli released ‘Magnify as part of their album ‘Arrhythmia’. ‘Magnify’ is a single that touches on issues of infidelity and is available to stream and save now!

Check it out for yourself on Spotify, Deezer & Google Play, or watch the artistic music video over on Miccoli’s YouTube channel.

Who are Miccoli?

Miccoli are a part British, part Italian classically trained trio made up of twin brothers Adriano & Alessio and their sister, Francesca. They grew up in Birmingham where they attended music & singing lessons for much of their lives.

They’ve toured arenas across the UK in the past, but now have their sights are now set on the US & Asia.

Miccoli’s music videos have also featured on Sunday Brunch, Channel 4, MTV and Starbucks. This confirms them as a global favourite on a huge scale!

Miccoli play on a stage at an area under spotlights in front of crowds

Miccoli’s inspiration behind ‘Magnify’

Miccoli hope that ‘Magnify’ will bring moments of salvation for those going through heartbreak. It’s anthemic yet heartfelt, a blend for all can get lost in.

‘Magnify’ is now over 30,000 streams and is building ever further still. Miccoli, therefore, are continuing to prove themselves worthy of global attention. Likewise, BBC 6’s Tom Robinson awarded them the title as one of his ‘One’s To Watch’!

Three people against plain wall are Miccoli

About the album ‘Arrhythmia’

In September 2019, Miccoli released their acclaimed album ‘Arrhythmia’. The album consists of 14 tracks, each one is highly telling of the bands musical prowess. Since then, ‘Arrhythmia’ has been featured on BBC Radio 2 & BBC Radio 6, Billboard, ReverbNation & The Huffington Post.

While at a pivotal point in their lives, ‘Magnify’ is propelling Miccoli to further successes. Miccoli uses a mixture of hauntingly melodic & eclectic sounds, interlacing them with breathtaking harmonies – all of which are mixed and mastered by the band themselves. Stream and save ‘Magnify’ on Spotify now!

Find and follow Miccoli

With the release of their album and loads more in-store, discover and follow Miccoli to avoid missing out!

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