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Mili Milz x Ray Mitchell – ‘Nah Do’: Out Now!

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Through a vast amount of talent – the energy from ‘NAH DO‘ take charge of your mind as you swim in a pool of incomparable jauntiness exuded on this offering from MILI MILZ, CALS and Ray Mitchell.

‘Nah Do’

Mitchell created the entrancing instrumentation for ‘NAH DO’ back in 2018. MILI MILZ then took this heated record to Papertrail Studios to fill out its colossal sound with the multi-faceted studio owner, engineer, and artist CALS. The track started from a snippet of a middle-eastern influenced vocal with Mitchell chopped up – and from there, MILI MILZ wrote the first verse, and CALS conjured up the chorus. After working on the hook and verses together, with MILZ matching CALS rhythm and altering the wordplay – ‘NAH DO’ was born.

Dipping right into the pocket of unmatched swagger and buoyancy, MILI MILZ hits the beat with paramount composure. Flexing his lyrical resilience through hard-hitting, staunch verses – we are offered a tenacious performance from this incredible artist. The weighty punch of the entire track sits at a high standard – as the engaging, thought-provoking bars stroke MILI MILZ’s propensity for wordplay. As CALS graces this certified hit with the mesmerising conveyance of a hook that stays on your mind all day long, you appreciate the unparalleled vitality that each of the three creatives brings to this record.

Who is Ray Mitchell?

Meet Ray Mitchell – esteemed music producer, based in the City of Angels.

As a child, Ray grew up in a multicultural family and was introduced to many styles of music which is apparent throughout his catalogue. His
journey of creating music started at the age of 12, as a bassist in a punk band- and by the age of 17, he purchased his first set of turntables and
began to DJ at local venues in San Diego. After many years of DJing other people’s music, he decided to take a break from the DJ life, and
pursue writing his music.

Ray’s skills as a pianist and bassist were self-taught, learning everything by ear – with no formal training. He then took the plunge to move over to San Francisco, where he landed a BA in Radio & Television with an emphasis on audio. Yearning for more knowledge, he enrolled in a couple of piano and music theory classes at East LA City College – and his musical abilities increased exponentially, diving even further into music composition.

With music that transcends through multiple genres, Ray is constantly pushing himself to think outside the box. He is currently working on an album for Disanti and records for artists including Mili Milz and Lyndon Laveaux.


MILI MILZ, a.k.a Mili, is an independent American musician born in the small town of Fallbrook, CA.

Inspired by well-known artists such as Tupac, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Eminem, Ice Cube and Lil Wayne – he started creating music when
he was just nine years old. Growing up, he was involved in a men’s choir and various bands, including Seven60 and PT$G.

Known for concealing his face with a ski mask at all performances and professional appearances – Mili’s desire to stay anonymous is shown
throughout his work, playing on the mystery of who he actually is.

Currently working with Outta Control Europe and Ray Mitchell Productions – Mili Milz’s latest release, ‘Nah Do’ has already racked up over 46,000 on Spotify. Set to be his most significant release to date.

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