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Miss Ghislaine Regout’s First International Collab for Her EP!

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The beauty of the 21st century music scene is the ease with which one can connect with world class musicians all around the globe within the span of seconds. This has opened up a massive array of new possibilities for musicians; both within and outside their own country of origin. No one’s story exemplifies this better than Miss Ghislaine Regout, Dutch composer, guitarist and songwriter based in Nijmegen who’s homonymous EP came out in BandCamp just over two months ago. Ghislane managed to stretch the reach of her creative output and meet UK producers Dante and Paul Baggott (who we previously interviewed here), as well as American singer Luna Bands, all of who are featured on her EP.

Let’s hear her story about her musical journey…

Passion and Inspirations

Music has been my passion since I was a little kid and discovered MTV. Listening to all the musical greats motivated me into writing songs myself. Of course, being so little at the time meant that the lyrics in grammatically incorrect English were cuter than anything else – but it did enable me to express myself as a shy young girl, and find my own power. The love I have for music has only grown stronger since then, and I have been playing guitar and writing songs for the past 10 years now.

The Purpose in Music

I love the craft of writing music, especially music with a certain complexity, and lyrics with an autobiographical, honest content, it is where I get my energy from every day. Additionally, I truly believe music can help others too, just like it helped me. The fact that this matters to me, probably tells you more about my personality, than I could ever describe otherwise.

Мusic Gateway and Trans-Atlantic Projects

Thanks to Мusic Gateway, I finished my first EP, which you can find on BandCamp! What I love about Мusic Gateway is that it is literally a gateway of opportunities to me. Before I discovered this website, I had tried to start various bands on my own. However, while I enjoyed playing in those bands, Music Gateway helped me feel like the world was truly my oyster. It helped my EP become an international project; the producers are from the UK, and the singer is American. While, I must admit I hadn’t expected that when I placed my ad on Мusic Gateway, I’m absolutely thrilled it happened, because it pushed my music to an even higher level.

Check out Miss Ghislaine Regout’s self-titled album, now on sale on BandCamp!

What Will Lay Ahead?

Besides promoting my current EP and saving money for the next one, which I’m planning for next year? I aim to make a living as a songwriter ‘behind the scenes’ one day, and join songwriting teams, camps, and workshops. First however, I’m making plans for the second EP I mentioned earlier, and increase the number of songs in my own portfolio. When I do so, I will definitely use the services of Мusic Gateway again.

Tips for the Newbies

My advice would be to be as bold as possible, and don’t hesitate to reply to ads or place them yourself whenever you’re looking for fellow musicians. To quote Julie Greenwald, Head of Atlantic: “when you’re active as a musician, you have to be smart, resourceful, and out-hustle everyone.” Be aware that being a musician requires you to be an entrepreneur, and businessperson too, not just an artist, and realize these roles require certain skills, traits, and capabilities too. Grab the opportunities as they present themselves!

We are here to help people like Ghislaine who have a plan, a vision and an insurmountable load of passion and dedication. Are you looking for a producer or a musician to help you take your new project to the next level? What are you waiting for?

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