‘Change Your Mind’ – The New Single from Molly.

Written by Mary Woodcock

09 January 2020

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‘Change Your Mind’ – The New Single from Molly.

Singer-Songwriter Molly. is set to release a new single ‘Change Your Mind’ on January 17th. One of Lancashire’s finest stars, ‘Change Your Mind’ follows on from 2019’s double whammy of singles – ‘Something More’ and ‘Brick By Brick’, which to date have amassed over 300 global radio plays and some 15,000+ streams on Spotify!

Molly has been with our artist development and music promotion team since the very beginning so we feel very proud!

Change Your Mind

Woman on green background Molly. Change Your Mind

‘Change Your Mind’ is a love song that Molly. wrote a year ago & is all about how it’s possible to spend so much time with someone, without really knowing them. “It’s important to take the time and work together in a relationship before it all gets thrown away because you feel like you don’t know each other.”



Molly. has previously been featured by MusicCrowns, Darkus Magazine, The Rodeo Mag & The Sun’s Showbiz section. Alongside a full gigging schedule and featured performance on the brand new RISING TV show.

woman in dungarees Molly. warburton

Beginning playing guitar at the tender age of 10, Molly. takes inspiration from artists such as Florence & The Machine and Kate Bush. 2019 saw Molly. receive recognition for her music from personal icon; KT Tunstall, who posted a clip of her track; ‘Brick By Brick, to Instagram to highlight it as one of her favourite releases.

A favourite of BBC Introducing in her native Lancashire, Molly. was listed by Amazing Radio DJ Chris Murray as one of his must-see festival acts of 2019. 

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