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Artist Development Roster: Introducing The Musicians

Photograph of the blog post author, Vivienne Morstadt

Vivienne Morstadt


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Alongside the Music Promotions roster we currently have here at Мusic Gateway, the Artist Development roster’s also an integral part of the platform. Read all about it and the artists we’re currently working with below!

About the Artist Development Roster:

Dedicated to emerging artists, we cater to their creative needs and goals. Artist Development helps them to fully develop their brand so that they’re ready to get themselves and their music recognised.

Dark haired woman in a swimming pool is Ms Santos from the Artist Development roster


Meet Ms Santos, a new addition to our Artist Development Roster! Otherwise known as the hip-hop queen or the latin version of Missy Elliot, she produces lively latin-influenced hip-hop melodies.

“I produce sassy and frisky cuts that will give you life, and hooks that will make you get up and shake your culo. I will create a community connected by the frequencies of MsSantosMamis.”

Born in South Africa and raised in Portugal, Ms Santos originally started out in entertainment as a dancer specializing in hip-hop, break dance, contemporary and commercial. Her various features in music videos led to her growing interest in music. For that reason, she decided to try her hand in rapping –  and hasn’t gone back ever since.

You can catch her newest debut single ‘CULO’, due for release in mid-March, 2020. Be sure to follow her on:

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

Man with sunglasses on is Sean Dampte. He's paert of the Artist Development roster.


Sean Dampte brings a fiery attitude to the Artist Development roster. Dubbed the ‘afro-fusion pioneer’ of music, he perfectly blends afro-beat, dancehall and pop to create fun and unique melodies.

“With my music, I try to share and embrace the belief that we are all uniquely and imperfectly perfect, which is reflected in how we look and how we look at life”

Sean Dampte is a Nigerian Born, U.K based emerging afro-pop artist. His bright personality and striking ability to weave words into songs, plays a large role in setting him apart from others. His passionate and happy nature radiates through his upbeat music. This is seen in the strong reputation his music has; Sean can get anyone up on their feet and dancing. Most noteworthy is the international airtime his music has received on stations such as MTV, MTV UK and BET. 

You’ll soon be able to wrap your ears around Sean’s newest single ‘Bounce’, also due for release in March. Watch this space! Follow Sean on his socials to keep in-the-know:

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

Dark haired boy smiling is Lomon, from the Artist Development roster.


Also new to Artist Development is Lomon. Seattle based indie-electronic artist Lomon has a way of giving listeners the “woah” factor by producing philosophical yet quirky sci-fi themed tracks. Lomon’s music fills you with cosmic wonder and deep space thoughts.

“As an emerging artist, I want to use music as a medium to tell science fiction, sometimes existential stories that are (sometimes) based on real issues. The stories I tell through music, will provoke listeners to think deeply and often emotionally…”

Growing up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, Lomon took to music from a young age. He taught himself to play guitar at 14, and has been producing music since then.

Lomon’s music allows him to pursue his dreams of exploring the universe and uncovering the mysteries of reality. Dreams which are otherwise unattainable. He hopes to inspire others to think deeply about the nature of existence, and how to make it more meaningful.

You can expect to hear his newest single ‘Little Visitors’ (also) at the end of March. We’re in store for a busy month to follow! Find & discover Lomon on:

Instagram | Spotify

Woman in a desert posing is emerging artist Naheli from the Artist Development roster.


Naheli brings a distinct element to the Artist Development mix. As an European / Egyptian musician, she’s always been torn between cultures, continents and artistic drive. The exotic blend of art-pop and soul combined with her unique voice makes for countless moments of unexpected twists.

“After listening to my music, I want the audience to feel excited about being mentally and emotionally moved, encouraged to dive deeper into considering different perspectives and feeling understood if they experience an internal struggle themselves.”

Naheli is a seasoned musician, due to the fact that she began writing songs at the age of 12. She certainly shares a passion for music! However, it stretches far beyond just the performance aspect. The forefront for Naheli has always been the songs themselves and the innovative process behind their creation. Through finding the right words and fitting melodies, one can see the whole track develop a life of its own.

Due to the tranquil nature of her music, Naheli’s tracks spark nostalgic emotions and allow listeners to temporarily detach themselves from reality and relate on a deeply emotional level – something not easily done with music.

Naheli’s newest track ‘Waves’ is due for release in early March. Want more from her on your timelines? Check her out on:

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

AD artists, from left to right: Ms Santos, Sean Dampte, Lomon, Naheli

As you can see, we are in store for a busy month ahead! We have our hands full with extremely talented artists who are brimming with creativity and artistic drive.

After going through every step of the development process with these artists, watching them come into their own is the most rewarding aspect. We’re constantly working with a range of incredible artists to help them achieve their full potential, so get in touch for more information on how you can get involved!

Are You Looking To Develop Your Music?

We’re always on the lookout to work with great new emerging artists. Are you reading this thinking “that sounds like me?” Get in touch with us to hear more about our exciting services and how we can help you!

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