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Why these Block Rockin’ Beats Feat in the Latest Big Brand Ads

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Getting your music placed in TV Shows and Films can be a real game changer when it comes to promoting your music. However, it’s a tough game too. You have to know the decision makers on TV shows or movie soundtracks or keep up to date with up and coming projects in production.

Then you’ve got to wait until they need your style of music and that could take months depending on the specifics, then you need to send your music in a way that will get you noticed and then you have to hope they like your music better than everyone elses for the show. Should we just give up now?

When you get into sync & licensing for the advertising space, getting noticed becomes an even steeper slope. To help you get a feel for what’s being looked for ad Syncs, we’ve taken a look at some of the most recent big advertising campaigns featuring dance music and analysed just what makes them tick.

Brand Campaign: Pepsi Max – Love it Live it
Artist Track: Major Lazer – Light It Up [Remix] (feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG)

It makes sense that with a big brand and legendary footballers there’s a huge track accompanied with it, but it’s how it works with the story that really gets things ticking. It ebbs and flows with each kick, smash and change of character and the reggae influences Diplo’s character, Major Lazer is renowned for, provides the lighthearted fun. Again, it’s all about constant change that helps tell the story.

Brand Campaign: Boohoo – #ThisIsSummer
Artist Track: DUSK & M.O. – With You


This one has got those upbeat summer vibes nailed. In a slightly different twist, rather than continuously building throughout, it starts strong and then dips in the middle, which leads to an impressive drop at around 20 seconds for the finale. The one thing that’s consistent here against the other tracks is that every five seconds you hear new elements being added in or removed to keep the sound fresh and interesting.

Brand Campaign: PrettyLittleThing – X Maya Jama
Artist Track: Kah-Lo – Fasta

The key to music in advertising is that it has to tell a story in a really short space of time. You’ll notice that Nigerian Singer-Songwriter Kah-Lo (real name Faridah Seriki) has created an electro-dance track that builds every few seconds to create that hype a big brand like PrettyLittleThing would look for.

If you’re interested in being represented for opportunities like these as well as trailers, films and TV shows, sign up to Music Gateway today and get a sync contract with your 14 day free trial by clicking the button below.

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