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Music that Creates Intrigue – What Advertisers Are Looking For!

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Music For Advertising

Adverts. Notoriously some of the most finicky of briefs. Changing constantly, lacking direction, having crazy urgent deadlines. But, if you get it right, you definitely get it right.

People seem to think that brands have ‘motives’. I think this is the wrong way to go about it. Brands may have ‘motives’ but they look for relationships and moments with their customers.

Music creates ‘moments’. A great track coupled with a great creative brief on an advert will always be remembered and that’s what the brands are after: moments and memorability. The plus side is that it can (and often does) provide a springboard for new artists, new releases & a new audience to discover some amazing music that they probably wouldn’t have come across any other way…If they get it right.

Advertising works slightly differently to TV, Films and Games briefs that we usually get through.

For brands in particular, the correct music can portray their product with additional value, make them seem fun, make them seem on trend, on point, on fleek & ‘down with the kids’ etc etc. But don’t be mistaken, this doesn’t just come about. Being an exclusive independent channel to 300+ ad agencies through the Sync Portal, we’ve dealt with a brief or 2 in our time. Locating that perfect song can take a bit of time, but the correct song, correct band, correct mood needs to be found to fit the message and the brand to create synergy for the campaign.

We all get bombarded online be it from our friends or adverts trying to cut through the bottomless pit of cute animals. Brands too, need to stand out from the crowd and music is a great way to do it.

Understanding and Decoding Briefs

Brands know exactly who they want to target and one of the easiest ways to do this is through music. We get told this in meetings, through briefs of our own. If the turnaround isn’t massively urgent that we need to go through the Sync Portal, we will create a project. Check out the project details within projects.

We explain everything almost always straight from the client. If it’s a strict brief we will say, if it’s open to interpretation we’ll let you know. Here’s an advertising brief we got in September for $250k! That said, sometimes a vibe is all marketers want. That’s when we point you straight to the reference tracks that they have given us.

Music used on an advert needs to represent the brand as well as its message and what it is trying to say within the spot. Getting the music wrong can be detrimental and ultimately clash with their message. Hence why sync with advertising is some of the hardest syncs to come by.

Briefs come from the creatives at agencies. Not music industry natives. This sometimes makes a brief seem a bit incoherent, disjointed which quite frankly, can throw someone off. Remember, an advert is a story. A tale of intrigue, hardship, good times that ebbs and flows from 30 seconds to a minute. Agency creatives are trying to create an impact, whilst leaving you wanting more so you can go on your merry little way and find out about the product yourself. Actively go out and take all the strength and power inside of you by physically clicking on a link. That’s a win. If the music doesn’t follow the sense of intrigue, if the music doesn’t grab you, if the music doesn’t leave you wanting more. It hasn’t done its job.

MG are an exclusive independent channel to almost 300 + advertising agencies through our sync portal which brings me to urgent deadlines. Brands and agencies work on amazingly tight deadlines, sometimes I just don’t know how they do it.  These urgent briefs for advertising which have an hour turnaround on occasion all get serviced through the portal with some absolutely awesome music. The ability to add descriptions, moods, genres and subgenres that are very targeted helps us service our advertising clients and find a track that perfectly fits a spot. Which takes us right back to the importance of metadata that we always go on about.

Sync Agency Licensing

It is all about brand coherency. So the more RELEVANT metadata that is given, the easier it is for us to find and pitch your music to our advertising clients.

Advertisers within their commercials want artists and bands with traction. They are tastemakers. If they are behind the trend it doesn’t look good for their brand. Sign up & submit some fresh relevant music to the portal here.

Thanks, hope you enjoyed this little article. All the best.

Christo x

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