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For all you Right-Holders and Songwriters out there; we’ve found a great tool: TuneFind – the largest database of Film and TV music out there. With it you can quickly browse through its search engine and find that song that was playing in your favourite show or film, like when Walter gets stranded in the dessert with Jesse in Breaking Bad.

But this page is not only useful for those moments of frustration when you can’t remember that banger you heard yesterday on That 70’s Show…

How is This Going to Help me get My Music Synced?

TuneFind works with many Music Supervisors to be as accurate as possible. This gives an unbelievable advantage to the users when it comes to research, as you can gain a lot of insight into what a Music Supervisor needs. Let’s say you have heard that the music supervisor for show “X” is looking for music for the next season of said show. It is as easy as looking up the name of the show in the search engine and it will come up with all the songs from the previous seasons ordered by season and episode.

This will give you a way better idea as to what type of song might be appropriate to pitch. Moreover, if you’re investigating a particular music supervisor, this tool will help you get inside his head, as you will find that many supervisors like to add a bit of their personal taste when it comes to choosing music for one of their projects.

But wait, there is still more…

If you are an artist who is really into a particular genre or style, you can also navigate the page to find shows that match the music that you write. As an example, let’s say your specialty is old-school, guitar driven blues.

You can look up similar artists such as, BB King and find out that his songs have been used already twice in “New Girl”. This not only lets you know that the music supervisor is into old-school blues, it also shows that they have scenes in the show where these songs will be perfectly appropriate, making it an ideal place to start pitching your music.

Want more convenient tools to help you pitch your music to industry professionals? Check out our playlist app.

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