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Astrovoyager joins Music Gateway Promo Roster!

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New Additions to the Music Gateway Promotions Roster!

Since the launch of our music artist development and promotions services back in February, the Music Gateway roster has been growing rapidly…

With the guidance and expertise of Mark Adams, our global head of Artist Development and Promotions, we’ve already seen some truly brilliant talent arrive through our doors! This week we introduce you to several more additions to our roster!

These individuals range from an electro-symphonic composer, a social media star, and a producer that has supported the likes of Public Enemy. So it’s fair to say the MG roster has become more diverse than ever before….


Astrovoyager, a French composer, performer and electronic music producer

AstroVoyager (A.K.A  Philippe Fagnoni) – is a French composer, performer and electronic music producer, fascinated by space and fuelled by the electro-explosion of the 80s. He distils visual and kinematic music which transports us on an epic and dreamlike journey steeped in science fiction. Astrovoyager gradually weaves his electronic instruments with classical orchestral instruments. The result is an electronic symphony of strings ensembles, soprano divas, percussions, synthesizers and electronic beats. 

For his influences, Astrovoyager readily cites the pioneers of electronic music. Jean- Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, and contemporary Dutch DJ producer Armin Van Buuren, are all cited as artists who have influenced his productions. Astrovoyager invites you to explore the infinity of his audio-visual universe and gravitate to the very limits of electro-symphonic music…

Georgia Box

Georgia box Press Shot, Social Media star

Georgia Box, 23, is a social media music star about to burst onto the mainstream! Born and bred in Colchester, Essex, Georgia left school after her GCSEs and went to Tiffany Theatre College. It is here where she found her calling as a future pop star! Georgia has been uploading videos to Facebook every week without fail since she was 19, and has since accumulated a loyal following of over 500K+ followers. They love her for her originality and creative musical twists.

Georgia’s videos were streamed more than 90m times on Facebook last year alone (2017). Her video depicting ‘Shaggy’s girlfriend’s version of events’ went viral, accumulating over 30m views! Additionally, she has racked up more Facebook fans than Raye and Anne-Marie combined. Georgia lives by an alternative ‘girl power’ narrative within her music and lifestyle. This means not conforming to the typical depiction of a female pop artist. Instead, she promotes a message of confidence and authenticity to her fans…


Equalisation Music Producer and Songwriter

By day, Equalisation producer Tim Pitt works in the construction industry as a Commissioning Manager. Outside of that he spends more time than he does at work in the evenings and weekends writing and producing music.

Having supported the likes of Public Enemy (in 1988), and being signed to Warner Bros Records (1993), Tim’s campaign shows real promise! Past highlights of his include; recording at Abbey Road Studios and being interviewed by Zig and Zag on The Big Breakfast with Chris Evans!

Tim’s early influences come from many of the synth pop bands and producers that emerged in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. This includes Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis and Trevor Horn. The ‘One Day’ EP is Tim’s first independent release. Expect to hear new collaborative material from Tim later in the year and into 2020.

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