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New out…You’ll Never Make It – Supreme Unbeing

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Jonathan Robinson


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Setting the tone with clean guitars picked away over intermittent pounding from a reverb-soaked kit, the track begins as atmospheric as it remains throughout. The somewhat sinister serenity that introduces the work is quickly thrown aside in favour of chugging guitars with squealing leads, and aggressive percussive attacks.

You’ll Never Make It

The drum work is an ever-changing manifestation of one simple repetition. However, the variations and unpredictable arcs in dynamic delivery have a huge impact on the reception of the work. Fast fills act as a rhythmic cadential tool to ground the riffs surrounding the beat. Sections of the track are defined by their increased aggression in delivery, and how much space the pounding kicks demand in the stereo field.

Melodically speaking, the work explores thoroughly the intervals allowed by the defined parameters. Without every breaking the motif of the track, quality is implied in resolutive scale runs and emphasised by dual guitar harmonic clinches. 

The lengthy guitar solo continues this idea by leaning heavily on chord tones throughout its structure. Whether this is found in arpeggiating harmonic devices with frantic tapping or with rising bends and pulls the concept is present always.

You’ll Never Make It is a well-articulated case of a popular form in its’ genre. Though it doesn’t offer anything compositionally inventive or surprising, it does perfectly execute an already present and well-defined sound. What offers some contrast from its peers is the lyrical content of the work. Though themes of existentialism and humanity’s conception are commonplace in metal lyricism, it’s not so common that the actualised dread of the thought is directly addressed. The work could very well be interpreted as a fable of warning, or just as likely a final rite before failure. Either message is packaged in a satisfyingly collected ensemble.

  • Overall rating: 7/10
  • Pairs well with: Countdown To Extinction – Megadeth

About Supreme Unbeing

The band maintain a level of anonymity, and so simply offer the following information:

‘The 4 piece band focuses on keeping their identities anonymous and hidden from the public eye. To do this the band makes use of going under fakenames and cartoon personas to create an aura of mystique around them that is unique in todays society of social media and oversharing
Consisting of Zac Red – Vocals/Guitar, D.Vine – Lead Guitar, Unknown – Bass, Al Mytee – Drums, Supreme Unbeing’s sole goal is to release messages/songs out to the public to shed light over our present existence.’

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