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New release: Leena Voxx – Right Here

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Jonathan Robinson


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Intense and dramatic electronic pop, Right Here is a darker flavour of contemporary songwriter fashion.

Right Here

From the second it starts the track is filled with atmosphere. A theatrical piano clasp rings out under a bed of plucky electronic melodies. A syncopated and gritty bass creeps in to introduce the rhythm section as the lead melody is teased with trailing reverbs.

An industrial-inspired electro beat enters. A thudding kick partners with fluttering metallic strikes. The intensity in the delivery of these sounds is reflected in the pulsating chord tones and dragged vocal performance. 

Rugged and aggressive bass synth emphasises the solemn tension carried throughout the work. Driving on its melodic counterparts while grounding the piece, it subtly develops and takes on more responsibility of the mix. This key instrumental element is one of the few parts of the song that is irreplaceably essential. Abstaining from any decorative or grandiose performance, the rest of the mix orbits the bass synth as a centre for the track.

The most interesting aspect of this song is the emphasis on electronic instrumentation as a rhythmic harmonic device. Rather than simply creating the necessary harmonic content and serving a purpose, the various synth tones build a much more intriguing textural basis for the song. Again, going further than typical fade-in-fade-outsequence, the sound design toys with aggressive wave shape formants and bell tones. This all serves to portray a more sophisticated tonal offering than similar tracks.

Vocally, the entire track is led by a Voxx’s recognisably full sound. Inarguably the intended focal point of the work, there is little space not taken up by some form of vocal work. Where the voice is present it is constant, employing small resolving arcs and droning phrases. Where not present, there is often a filtered echo of the voice acting as backing vox, or some element of the instrumentation is mimicking the vocal melody.

Right Here is a well-designed pop song with a little more weight than its typical contemporary peers. Clear influence of mid-2000s sound design is present throughout and serves to articulate a darker and more intriguing form of a common template. 

  • Overall rating: 7/10
  • Pairs well with: Norman Fucking Rockwell! – Lana Del Rey
  • Releases: May 29th 2020

About Leena Voxx

Producer, composer, and singer Leena Voxx is a London native pushing natural vocals over electronic indie pop. Her work embodies that of more than just a singer songwriter and her affinity with the creation of a track is reflected across her work.

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