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Newah – ‘Leave It To The Rain’ – out now!

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Whilst the lyrics in the verse hint at a break-up, Newah and Amber intend for the song to remind people that dark times do pass – a message that particularly resonates in the current climate.

‘Leave It To The Rain’

‘Leave It To The Rain’ was created over a number of Zoom sessions. After collaborating on the lyrics, chords, and structure, Amber recorded and edited the vocals whilst Newah built up the instrumental parts. Staying in touch via Zoom, the duo continued to bounce ideas off each other, until Newah mixed and mastered the track to create the final record. After the unexpected success of their first single ‘Let It Burn’, Newah and Amber wanted the track to fuse their individual strengths – Newah’s vibrant production style and piano skills, alongside Amber’s unique tone and powerful soulful vocal melodies.

The track will be released everywhere on the 12th March 2021. BBC Introducing artists Newah & Amber Prothero, from London & Liverpool, met by chance in Paris Although their plans to collaborate were thwarted by lockdown, Zoom enabled them to work together. After the success of their debut project ‘Let It Burn’ they return with a gospel-inspired pop hit ‘Leave It To The Rain’.

“We wanted to write a song that was inspiring and uplifting with a bit of sass. Apart from some inspiration from some songs we were each listening to at the time we went into this song with no specific idea of what we would make.”

Who Is Newah?

Newah is a cinematic electronica producer and composer who fuses together beautiful chord progressions, uplifting melodies, and dark bass lines in order to create dramatic, inspiring pieces of music. His years of playing drums and piano have given him a thorough understanding of music and rhythm and allow him to combine real and electronic instrumentation effortlessly. Before creating the alias, Newah worked with other independent artists as a producer, musician and technician for gigs at venues around London, including Ronnie Scott’s & Half Moon Putney.

Who Is Amber?

Even before launching her career as a multitalented singer/songwriter, Amber Prothero always had a knack for finding a wonderfully unique perspective to her surroundings. She purchased a second-hand keyboard and guitar on eBay back in 2009, deciding to be her own teacher. Now a dynamic musical force, drawing her inspiration from muses such as Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones and Sara Bareilles, Amber’s dreamy, soulful vocals merge perfectly with her raw confessional lyricism in a way that completely captures the complexity of our emotions. Amber smoothly transitions from traditional acoustic to pop to the more experimental, most recently incorporating dubstep and D&B into her musical repertoire.

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