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A Night At The BRIT Awards 2019 For Free!

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We had two BRIT awards 2019 tickets this year and the wonderful Mark, from our artist development and music promotions department, thought it would be nice to offer one of you to come along with him! Roberta was our lucky winner.

She is a singer-songwriter who also produces her own music. Read more about Roberta and her experience at the BRIT awards this year below, or check out our blog to see what other ticket giveaways and opportunities we offer!

Мusic Gateway at the BRIT awards 2019 Roberta Marielle de Silva and Mark Adams

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Roberta Marielle Da Silva I am 23 years of age. Originally from Brazil, I moved to south London when I was 5. I am bilingual and speak Portuguese as well as English.

I grew up around music as my father played the guitar and sang, strangely my first ever instrument was the violin. From there I did piano lessons, saxophone and finally settled with guitar. I have been composing music ever since I can remember and am known for being able to write and sing about anything on the spot.

Roberta previously told us that her earliest music memory goes all the way back to when she was merely 5 years old (!) singing at a wedding!

Why did you want to attend the event? What did you hope to get out of it?

From this experience, I wanted to witness first-hand what goes on behind the scenes. Be able to make connections with industry-committed individuals as well as just be there and watch the show up close! I got so much more than I bargained for!

Being at the pre-show dinner and after party in a beautifully decorated room, surrounded by people who run the stocks when it comes to music distribution was surreal. Being able to talk to some of them and get their insight experience and advice was out of this world!

Roberta Marielle De Silva at The BRIT awards 2019 with Мusic Gateway

How did you get a ticket for the event?

I received a message from a friend of mine, Reece, with a link for a chance to attend the Brits with a platform called Мusic Gateway alongside one of their team, called Mark. I began to follow them on Instagram and applied for the chance to win as I fit the criteria of being a musician…

and heck I won! Mark called me whilst I was at work on Tuesday the 19th and the event was on the 20th. Straight after work, I had to go shopping for an outfit and Wednesday woke up extra early to do my hair and nails and all that jazz.. next thing I know I’m there!

With the number of people that entered the competition, Roberta didn’t think she would win “but ahhhh!! here I am! I’m definitely going to give Reece a huge kiss on the head when I see him”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, Reece…

What did your day look like?

So event day went down like this- After waking up super early and running to my Mum’s in Denmark hill in order to get a hold of the shoes I wanted to wear (and stealing a few items from my sister’s wardrobe) I came home in South Norwood and did my own hair and makeup.

I had been shopping the night before and bought a very bright, almost neon-looking tuxedo coat dress which I styled with red LK Bennett wedges (this was tactile wear as I knew there would be a lot of walking and wanted to be comfy) and my absolute addiction a very earthy coloured feather earing which I had gotten handcrafted by a lady in Brixton Market. Then I headed out!

Мusic Gateway at the BRIT awards 2019 Roberta Marielle De Silva

The journey to the O2 was pretty straightforward. I took a 10 min walk down to Norwood junction station and from there took the train to Canada Water where I changed and got the Jubilee line to North Greenwich. Whilst on the underground things became apparent as I saw people dressed as if they were going to the show too.

Once arriving at the station I could hear cheering as soon as I exited the escalators this just added to the excitement and atmosphere! I knew once I arrived I had to find Mark It was surprisingly easy as he stood a little over 6ft I believe haha. we had a small introduction and then went inside the O2 for a cheeky pre-dinner G&T. There he spoke to me a little about what the events to unfold would be and a little about himself and his musical experience.

I felt really chuffed to be with someone who has seen and done so much in the music industry. On top of that, we had a lot in common in terms of where he grew up and his schooling! Within a few minutes of knowing him, I felt completely comfortable.

We then made our way to Dinner at the InterContinental Hotel directly behind the O2. There were camera crews and photographers and a red carpet and it was just all absolutely lush. On arrival, we had our tickets checked by security and we were given wristbands that read  Diamond Guest” we were directed to a cloakroom and then told to head up some escalators.

The first thing we saw when we stepped off the escalator was a closed-off section to get our hair and makeup done, it was so cool! Not to mention the complimentary champagne and gorgeous bar.

The BRIT awards 2019 hair and make up Мusic Gateway

With not much time to spare, we were directed into the dining room decorated in an intergalactic, very modern space theme with its own moon! There were plenty of tables all directed towards a big stage, each with 4 bottles of champagne. When we entered the starter was already on the table and the room slowly began to fill.

Once everyone was seated the lights were dimmed and a band started playing on stage. Out came a lady with a beautiful sparkling silver dress and they began to perform. Whilst the band was on stage in the middle of the room there appeared a contortionist being lifted in the air and doing incredible things all whilst we dined. It was just out of this world!

I was seated right beside 2 ladies that do the marketing and management for the Beatles. They were amazing! Listening to how they started off their careers, getting their advice and tips and just being so humbled by how kind and funny they were. Not to mention the food was absolutely delicious.

Мusic Gateway at the BRIT awards 2019 Roberta Marielle de Silva with Beatles Management

After dinner, it was time for the show to begin! We headed down to the arena and sat in our allocated seats which were right in the middle of all the action. A few seats ahead of us is where the celebs were seated! It was an absolute dream!

To be there and smell the smoke when there was a fire in the performance, to seeing the stage being set up between performances. Just the sheer atmosphere was something I can’t explain with enough detail to do it justice.

I completely enjoyed all the performances but my favourite has to be Pink! Heck! She descended from the ceiling. [You can watch this on our Instagram]

I believe everyone that won was well deserved although I was a little upset the overseas winners like Drake, Ariana Grande and The Carters didn’t show up. I would have really liked to have seen them up close.

What is your number one tip for anyone like you attending an event like this (to get the most out of it)?

Be yourself remember that those around you regardless of their title are just like you and are looking for happiness just like you are.

What are you inspired to do now after attending the event?

I am currently in the process of recording my album “Rise from the ashes” dedicated to my beautiful little girl called Phoenix. This has been a huge project and I am looking to have it out soon.

What exciting things do you have planned for the future?

I have currently been involved with an incredible group of extremely talented individuals called HouseMoney and am looking forward to gigs, collaborations and projects that we have planned!

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